A BELOVED macaw caused a stir across Toowoomba when she escaped from her home last week.

The six-year-old parrot is very special to Kirra Tomkinson and her family, and when Katara, or "Ra-ra" as she is often called escaped through the back door of her North Toowoomba home about 2pm, her family had know idea how far she would get.

"She got through the back door, she got spooked, we thought her wings were clipped but they were longer than expected,"  Mrs Tomkinson said.

The bright coloured bird flew to a tree on Raff St before Mrs Tomkinson's husband attempted a rescue, only for Katara to be spooked again and fly higher into a tree further down the road.

The bird eventually found refuge in a tree across from Bunnings Warehouse on Ruthven St.

Four hours passed before Mrs Tomkinson posted on a Toowoomba Facebook group asking for assistance.

Members of the public proposed to knock the bird down with a football, while others offered their children to climb the tree.

Katara or
Katara or "Ra-ra" the Macaw escaped from owner, Mrs Kirra Tomkinson, and was rescued from a tree by firefighters. May 2019 Bev Lacey

A community member called the Toowoomba Fire Brigade by 6.30pm.

In the 20 minutes it took to rescue the South American native bird, a unique method was used to retrieve her.

Because she was too high up for the fire truck's ladder to reach her, the fire brigade asked Mrs Tomkinson for permission to hose Katara down.

"It wasn't at full strength, half pressure they wet her, she fluttered down a couple of tree branches and then from another direction they blasted her again," Mrs Tomkinson said.

"We were waiting for her at the bottom trying to coax her down when they hit her for a third time.

"Absolutely drenched, she was sopping, and screaming at us so they pulled out a big, really long, poker stick."

It only took a few minutes before Katara fell from the tree and tumbled down to land on top of the fire truck.

Katara has since had her wings clipped and won't be able to fly away again any time soon.