A body hair print jumper? Now I've seen it all

IN an age where we create colossal amounts of data on the Internet every day it is probable you will see something that will make you question everything you know.

Like are UFOs real? Smearing bone broth on my face is an excellent facial? And Meghan Markle's skirts are actually getting shorter?

Some of this stuff you care about. Majority of it you don't.

And then there are things like this, that leave you scratching your head with confusion.


When this popped up in an Ads by Google container on a news website I did a double take - and then of course had to click.

Is this a jumper designed to look like the wearer is shirtless and has copious amounts of long straggly body hair?

Yes, yes it is.

That's exactly what this is. 

Oh so many questions but the first one to come to mind is: why? 


The website clearly labels it as a "funny hoodie" but obviously they still expect someone to fork out $A26.21 (plus shipping) for it.

And then: who in their right mind would not only spend the money on one of these - but then actually wear it? 

There are no reviews so I will never know - unless you've bought one or plan on buying one now - let me know in the comments below.