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Bolt's 'frothing at the mouth, bug eyed rant' made me laugh

Letter to the Editor

I HAD to laugh at the frothing-at-the-mouth, bug -eyed rant by Andrew Bolt (”Australia's most read columnist”) under the heading "Barbarians At The Gates” (The Gympie Times, Tuesday, May 14).

The irony of the heading, when the views of the author make Attila the Hun seem like a benevolent "leftie”, had me smiling from the start. But I thought, if anyone could recognise a barbarian....

The "barbarians”, it turns out, are all in some way guilty of criticising News Corp for its biased coverage of the election campaign.

Probably the clincher for Bolt was the condemnation of his employer, News Corp, by Tony Koch (winner of multiple Walkley Awards in a distinguished 30-year career with The Courier Mail.) Koch had expressed his shame at the "bias "shown by The Australian in its coverage of the election campaign. And he was absolutely right to do so.

The fact is that, if Labor should win on Saturday it will not be the hollow victory it would have been against a policy-bankrupt and talent-scarce incumbent Coalition, which had set out to win on a scare campaign and a single-minded attack on Shorten's character.

Instead it will be a remarkable triumph over an antagonistic media (not exempting the ABC) that has run a vicious and relentless anti-Labor agenda that is almost certainly unprecedented.

Merv Welch,

The Palms