'Bone of Contention' on the line for Hammers

21st April 2017 2:12 PM
Rugby Union Men Jordan Magner Gympie Hammers 'BONE OF CONTENTION': Gympie and Nambour will battle it out for their infamous trophy on Saturday, 3pm at Leprechaun Park. Pictured: Jordan Magner rises high for the Gympie Hammers. Leeroy Todd

GYMPIE Hammers will be out to win back the Bone of Contention on Saturday, when they take on the Nambour Toads at Leprechaun Park at 3pm.

The Bone of Contention is a trophy contested by Nambour and Gympie whenever they face each other in competition.


Nambour has held the trophy for too long, according to Hammers senior men's coach Jason McPherson.

"Bone of Contention trophy is played between the two clubs over the last few years. We've been fighting over it for about 15 years,” he said.

"It is actually a cow bone on a frame.

"Each of the games we play, we are always playing for it. Nambour has had that (trophy) for way too long.”

The rivalry with Nambour is a longstanding one.

"Expecting high level of rugby to be played,” McPherson said.

"A few boys have played for Nambour in the past which will add a few battles on the pitch.

"It's a love-hate relationship. Nambour was a big supporter to get Gympie back on our feet by helping us get some kit and so on.”

McPherson said the Hammers had earmarked areas they needed to improve.

"Our forwards need to perform. The biggest thing which hurt us was purely panic.”

Also on Saturday, the Hammers women 10s side face Maroochydore at Leprechaun Park at 2pm.

"Girls are doing really well, a great training session on Thursday night,” McPherson said.

"With fitness and patience coming through, I think these ladies will go really far over the next few years.

"They don't lack any ability, they just need the continuity over the next few years.”