Booth breakdown of primary vote

A BOOTH-BY-BOOTH breakdown of the primary vote in Gympie on Saturday reveals about 500 of the region's 31,000 electors voted informally.

Of the 34 polling booths, Gympie South School was the busiest, with almost 10% of votes made there, followed by more than 6% at Pomona and 5% in Gympie city booths and at Tin Can Bay.

With 85% of the count completed yesterday afternoon, David Gibson and the LNP had easily topped the poll at every booth.

Katter's Australian Party candidate Shane Paulger got a little closer at Mothar Mountain and Goomboorian, grabbing 30% of the votes there. Mr Paulger also polled solidly at Gympie East, with 29% of the primary vote, and at Cooloola Cove and Veteran, with 28%.

Mr Gibson proved very popular at Jones Hill and Rainbow Beach, where he garnered 64% of the primary vote. He wasn't quite so popular at Cooran, where he attracted 39%.

Labor's Ben Parker performed best in Pomona and Tin Can Bay where he drew about 16% of the vote.

The Greens' Shena MacDonald picked up almost a quarter of the vote at Cooran and Kin Kin, and 21% at Pomona, gaining a total of 8.79% of the overall vote.

One Nation still managed to attract 225 votes despite an unconventional campaign here in Gympie, and the biggest clusters of those were recorded at Gympie South and Gympie City polling booths.

Family First's Kathy Hawke drew just 3.41% with a total of 688 votes.

Overall, Mr Gibson had by yesterday secured 51.67% of the primary vote, Mr Paulger 23.08% and Mr Parker 11.93%.