Connor Creagh with his mum Danielle Miles
Connor Creagh with his mum Danielle Miles

Sunshine Coast storm boy makes a miracle recovery

A SUNSHINE Coast boy who was critically injured in a freak storm clean-up accident has made a miraculous recovery just two weeks after his family and paramedics feared the worst.

Connor Creagh, 11, was crushed by a tree while playing on a property at Coolabunia, near Kingaroy, on October 12.

He suffered severe injuries to his head, spine, abdomen, pelvis and legs.

But in an incredible turn of events, Connor's recovery has been so remarkable he was well enough to be released from hospital on Thursday.

"He is doing really well," Connor's grandmother Karen Peek told The Sunday Mail.

He was visiting his grandparents' property with his mother and her partner when the accident occurred.

The day before, a tornado had ripped through the South Burnett region, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

Connor Creagh with his mum Danielle Miles
Connor Creagh with his mum Danielle Miles

Connor's mother Danielle Miles did not wish to speak about the ordeal, but Mrs Peek recounted the terrible accident.

She said Connor was playing in the hole created by a large uprooted tree.

That morning, portions of the fallen tree had been chainsawed off during the clean up effort, causing it to suddenly tip up again.

"Everyone except the kids were cutting trees off the fences," she said.

"The kids still playing in the hole and roots of tree (and) somehow the tree stood up, crushing Connor into the hole."

Paramedics believe the quick thinking of his family, who used a 4WD to lift the tree off him, likely saved his life.

Connor will continue his lengthy rehabilitation at home and is not expected to return to school for some time.