New album, new set of songs to perform for home crowd

NOT LONG to go until Busby Marou hit the stage at the Great Western Hotel - to launch their national tour in their hometown.

The Rockhampton duo will take to the stage Saturday night to perform songs off their new album, Farewell Fitzroy.

Tom Busby and Jeremy Marou set off to Nashville in the United States to record their second album, a world away from their first album, which was recorded in Yeppoon.

And you can expect a variety from their latest album, with the boys explaining that their latest album derives from their very different tastes of music.

The duo explores everything from folk, to rock and even a little bit of country.

The duo are flat out this year, with the boys on the road for two months with their national tour.

They also appeared at last week's Caloundra Music Festival and will play the Boomerang Festival in Byron Bay.

Along with Busby Marou playing Saturday night, Nat Dunn and Harry Hookey will take to the stage to open the show.

The show is at The Great Western, Saturday night from 8pm.


  • Members Tom Busby and Jeremy Marou both grew up in Rocky.
  • They recorded their first album in Yeppoon, and their second in Nashville, USA.