The Gympie Magistrates Court.
The Gympie Magistrates Court. Renee Pilcher

Brain injury blamed after Gympie man forgets court date

A GYMPIE man wanted on a warrant because he initially failed to turn up for court said a brain injury he sustained as a young child had caused him to forget he was supposed to appear.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan cancelled the warrant against Jeffrey John Sutton, 26, when he managed to appear in Gympie Magistrates Court last Thursday.

Mr Sutton said he had "no reason to lie” when asked to explain why he hadn't appeared despite being present in court when Mr Callaghan told him to return on Thursday's date, or why he had not contacted his lawyer in the intervening time.

Solicitor Chris Anderson requested the matter be adjourned, but Mr Callaghan said that raised concerns.

"I've got concerns about him turning up next time Mr Anderson, with his brain injury,” Mr Callaghan said.

Mr Sutton said his partner would ensure he turned up to his next appearance, and maintain contact with Mar Anderson.

Mr Sutton's matters were adjourned until November 7.