RESIGNED: Future Noosa campaign member resigns. Pic Mark Calleja
RESIGNED: Future Noosa campaign member resigns. Pic Mark Calleja

Shock resignation of Future Noosa campaign member

FUTURE Noosa campaign team member Leigh McCready has announced her resignation.

The shock resignation comes after incorrect legal advice Ms McCready had received in the past relating to her husband's role as a property developer.

"I have been made aware that legal advice I have previously relied upon is incorrect," she said.

"As Rob's 'spouse' I am defined as a 'close associate' of a property developer, and therefore also a 'property developer'.

"This means that, although I am not a property developer in practice nor by profession, I may be described as one at law."

With less than three weeks until election day, Ms McCready apologised to the Future Noosa candidates for the misinformation.

FUTURE NOOSA:. Left to right: David
FUTURE NOOSA:. Left to right: David "Fletch" Fletcher, Karen Finzel and Andrew Squires who are standing in the next Noosa election under the one banner.

"I am sorry that I was not aware of this information before this week and that due to this, you were also of the impression that I was not a 'property developer'," she said.

"However, I cannot in good conscience continue to serve the campaign knowing that this information may be weaponised against you.

"You must be able to continue your campaign free from the distractions that my involvement may bring," she said.

"It is with deep regret and disappointment that I resign from your campaign team and will play no further part in it."