A SENSATIONAL video has emerged of a violent brawl that was at the centre of a court case involving Gympie council mayor Mick Curran, CEO Bernard Smith and three Aboriginal land rights activists.  

The video, filmed at the council chambers in Mary St in May 2016 by Diane Djaki Widjung, had gone missing from her camera when it was in police custody but was later recovered by the police forensic department without audio.

It captured the minutes when an "intended peaceful protest" turned violent after protester Wit-boooka, (legally Gary Tomlinson) climbed over the council's reception desk and told staff he was evicting them. 

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Violence ensued when he pushed council staff who stood in his way, before a struggle erupted that involved Cnr Curran and Mr Smith, the court heard in June last year when the case was finalised. 

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Cnr Curran struck Mr Tomlinson on the nose, breaking it, the court heard. 

The five minute video shows at least four council staff locked in a struggle with Mr Tomlinson and at one point Mr Smith trying to hold Cnr Curran back before he pulls Wit-boooka by the leg while police wrestle the protesters to the ground.   

Mr Smith's hands and shirt can be seen covered in blood. 

Wit-boooka was found guilty of assault on council staff and serious assault on a  police officer. Mervyn Tomlinson, of Bundaberg, was found guilty of assaulting police.