Cooly Rocks On pin-up contestant Bree Hayward.
Cooly Rocks On pin-up contestant Bree Hayward. Blainey Woodham

Pin-up favourite eyes top prize

A TWEED woman said she was more excited about a local festival than her birthday.

Bree Hayward can't wait for Cooly Rocks On and will be entering the Miss Pin Up competition this year.

Ms Hayward is a favourite to take out the title.

The Miss Pin Up competition has three categories. For the over-30 women there is Miss Classic Pin-Up; for the voluptuous there is Miss Va Va Voom Pin-Up, and; for women with tattoos there is Miss Illustrated Pin-Up.

Ms Hayward said she was a fan of the pin-up culture.

“I am obsessed with the golden age of Hollywood,” Ms Hayward said.

“I always thought it was classy,” she said.

“I have been involved in the pin-up scene for about three years.

“It's really a strong culture in Brisbane and West End.

“It's growing in popularity, but it's definitely a counter- culture on the Gold Coast.”

The live Miss Pin-Up Australia heat is held at Seagulls, Tweed Heads.

The national event, which reveres the pin-up styles of the 1940s and '50s, was a unique competition.

“This is a competition like no one has ever seen before,” said event organiser Pixie Roberts.

“It is the only pin- up competition in the world that caters to women of all shapes and sizes; everyday women in love with vintage glamour,” she said.

“I think what I like about it is the femininity of it,” Ms Hayward said.

“I think these days people try and be a lot more sexual with their clothing.”

Mr Hayward said she hoped her two children would catch a piece of the pin-up spirit.