Brennan’s speeding to the top in his Charade

Gympie young gun Patrick Brennan celebrates winning the Queensland junior speedway title.
Gympie young gun Patrick Brennan celebrates winning the Queensland junior speedway title. Contributed

Q. How is your racing going, Pat?

A. My racing is going great. This year I have put heaps of effort into racing and I'm starting to see results.

Three other Gympie boys and I headed to Moranbah on the weekend to contest the Queensland junior speedway titles.

Hayden Turner, Michael and Brendan Leoroid and I were part of a 30-car line-up from all across Queensland.

I placed second in the title after the number one racer in Australia Jayden Peacock.

The event included three heat races followed by a final the next day.


Q. Where you expecting to go so well in the final?

A. Not really, I was sitting in sixth place heading into the finals, so I was hoping to move up, but to snatch

second was awesome.


Q. Was this your first big competition?

A. No, I've been racing for a couple of years now. I competed in the Australian

nationals in January this year and I placed fourth.


Q. What first got you into speedway racing and at what age?

A. When I was 11 years old I went to a friend's farm to learn how to drive and I really enjoyed it. It was then that my Dad and uncle suggested I try speedway and I have loved it ever since.


Q. Growing up in Gympie have you participated in any other sports?

A. Yeah I played rugby league and rugby union in the past and currently I'm playing union for the James Nash grade 10 team.

I believe it's good to play a team sport because speedway is really individual, so I always love getting on the footy field.


Q. What do you enjoy about racing and why do you have a passion for it?

A. I love the huge rush when I'm in a big race. It gets the adrenaline pumping.

Some people think speedway is all about just putting your foot on the accelerator but there is much more to it.


Q. What are your tactics behind a race?

A. Racing is all about pushing your car as hard as you can while picking good lines on the track. It is a combination of speed and strategy that wins a race.


Q. What car do you drive?

A. I drive a Daihatsu Charade. The car is really restricted with three cylinders and roll bars. In the future I am hoping to transition to modlite racing.


Q. How do you practise?

A. To practise I usually start with the pre-season races to get used to the track and my car. But between then backyard practice can help as well.


Q. What does the future hold for your driving?

A. Hopefully I can end this season well and then either next season or the following one I want to change to modlite racing.

After that I'm not sure what I want to do, but I love racing and I definitely can't see myself stopping in years to come.


Q. At the age of 15, you have your learner driver licence test coming up. Are you confident?

Yeah I'm pretty confident that I can pass, but road rules and speedway rules are very different. Hopefully my knowledge of racing will help in some way.


Q. When is your next meet?

A. At the Gympie Speedway on March 23, and I will race in the Performax Series along with many of the other drivers from the Queensland titles.

I'm hoping for another good performance this weekend and to continue my current form.


Player profile

Name: Patrick Brennan

Age: 15

Born: Gympie

Favourite food: Tacos

Favourite music: Anything on the radio

Sport you would play if not Speedway: Rugby union

Unusual talent: Can lift himself up from a seated position with his hands and go into a handstand