A ‘rude’ wedding RSVP has angered Reddit users. Picture: Reddit
A ‘rude’ wedding RSVP has angered Reddit users. Picture: Reddit

Bride’s ‘trashy’ wedding invite slammed

The brutal world of weddings is showing one bride absolutely no mercy.

A woman who is excitedly preparing to tie the knot shared her "less than traditional" save-the-date cards online, that featured plenty of expletives.

However, the internet didn't see the funny side of the tradition, describing her sense of humour as "rude" and "trashy".

Reddit user dimebag1976 posted a photo of her RSVP card earlier this month, describing the decision to choose far from fluffy words along with a photo of the offending card.

"My fiance and I decided on RSVP's (sic) that are … well … less than traditional," she said.

The instructions then ask guests to check one of two options for attendance: "Abso F***ing Lutely" or "Not a God Damn Chance."

A RSVP has gone viral. Picture: Reddit
A RSVP has gone viral. Picture: Reddit

But the cheeky language wasn't over yet.

The card then prompts guests to "Check the Boxes Dumb A***s" in order for the bride and groom to know which events they will be attending on the big day, despite the fact even there weren't any boxes on the card.

Other unusual language included listing the vow ceremony, wedding reception, after-party and cake cutting as the "I Do's, The Eats, Dope A** Concert, and The Treats".

But in case you're not familiar with the world of "wedding shaming" - it's a pretty cutthroat trend - with social media users quickly slamming the couple's different card.

"This is just seems trashy," one said.

"Cursing on an invitation isn't fun, it's rude and simple," another blasted. "Even if you don't mean it to be. Come up with something more clever and personal and it'll be more memorable," one said.

"This is the 'we're 30 years old and we aren't having a traditional wedding' starter kit," someone else joked.


"Bet the wedding dress is purple and they've got a random guy giving tattoos at the reception," another scoffed.

But not everyone thought it was too much, with one calling the note "hilarious".

"I think it's hilarious!!!" one person said. "Then again I wouldn't send it to my Grandparents but close friends would def. get that one!!!"

Earlier this year, news.com.au wrote about the nasty trend of "wedding shaming" which is akin to a real-life Mean Girls where strangers all gather together to take pleasure in mocking weddings at any cost.


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