Brisbane lawyer Glenn Vassalo has had a win against Clive Palmer in High Court.
Brisbane lawyer Glenn Vassalo has had a win against Clive Palmer in High Court.

Legal eagles score win over Clive Palmer

GLENN 'Lawyer with a Heart' Vassallo and fellow legal eagle Ashley Hill have had a win against none other than Clive Palmer in the High Court.

Vassallo's GRT Lawyers was seeking to recover $24 million for BGP Geoexplorer from Palmer's Mineralogy in relation to a contract in 2010 to complete oil and gas exploration work in the Gulf of Papua.

Vassallo and Hill, an experienced international lawyer, were initially successful in the Queensland Court of Appeal but Mineralogy sought to appeal to the High Court to overturn that decision.

This week the High Court dismissed the special leave application all but bringing Singapore-based BGP's efforts to recover its $24 million to a happy conclusion.

Good news for Vassallo and his team, who readers remember pump all the profits from their legal work into charities run by the firm, including a counselling service for disadvantaged children.


THE future for a little school in Brisbane's inner north was looking a bit shabby a few years back with the prospect of a high-rise development overlooking its pocket-sized playground. Wooloowin State School, which has one of the smallest land footprints of any school in the state, faced being hemmed in by high-rise developments when the State Government earmarked the adjacent Warilda Conference Centre precinct for sale to private interests.

Thankfully a small group of parents at the school stood up and lobbied for the Warilda site to be kept in public hands for the future expansion of the school.

As a matter of disclosure, your diarist's year-long stint as president of the Wooloowin Parents and Citizens Association saw him email every State member of parliament to cancel the sale.

That pressure resulted in the land being transferred to the Education Department and the release this week of a master plan for the future use of the Warilda land for the school.

Not only does the master plan include expanded green space for the school but a future assembly hall and other facilities. Kudos to the Education Minister Grace Grace for providing a future for a great little school.


WITH Big Bash League cricket in full swing, it is now de rigueur for fans to wear those bucket hats advertising a particular brand of fried chicken.

More than half a million of the buckets will be supplied to KFC Australia to help promote the 2018 Big Bash Cricket League.

They are made right here in Brisbane by Oji Fibre Solutions Foodservice Packaging at Kingston. The OjiFSFP factory produces 200 million cups a year.

OjiFSFP national sales manager Andrew Fletcher tell us that since the buckets are not used for food, the inner plastic lining has been removed meaning if fans don't want to keep them they can go straight into the recycling bin.


FORMER Morgan Stanley executive Stuart Baker has joined the depleted ranks on the board of Brisbane-based Central Petroleum. Baker, who has more than four decades of experience in the oil and gas sector, comes to Central Petroleum at an interesting time.

Shareholders of the company took a baseball bat to the board earlier this month voting against the director remuneration report at its AGM. At the same meeting, directors Peter Moore and Sarah Ryan announced their resignation.

The company's biggest shareholder, Troy Harry, recently locked horns with chairman Martin Kriewaldt claiming well-regarded chief executive Richard Cottee was marched out the door after a conflict with the board.


THE sharing economy is not all it's cracked up to be. A City Beat spy tells us a friend loaned her vehicle out to a stranger using the Car Next Door app.

Soon after she received four speeding fines in the mail as the lead-footed person she loaned her vehicle to fast-tracked it around southeast Queensland. She now has to prove to the police she wasn't driving the vehicle.