Samantha Mahere had discussed divorcing her husband Omey Mkuu just days before he tried to kill her.
Samantha Mahere had discussed divorcing her husband Omey Mkuu just days before he tried to kill her.

Cruel end to husband’s reign of abuse

THE victim of a botched murder-suicide yesterday, south of Brisbane, had handed her violent husband divorce papers just days earlier.

Samantha Mahere, 50, was stabbed 14 times in the stomach and bashed with a hammer by her husband, Omey Mkuu, 42, at Marsden.

When paramedics arrived at their rental home on Fairbairn Street they found Mkuu dead nearby.

Barely alive, Ms Mahere was only discovered when passersby noticed Mkuu's body through a window.

Ms Mahere's niece, Yasmin Hooke, yesterday said it wasn't the first time Mkuu had brutalised her aunty - and she'd tried to take a stand.

After hours of emergency surgery late last night, Ms Mahere is miraculously awake and talking to family this morning.

Samantha's family believes her domestic violence nightmare could have been so much worse and her story serves as a warning to others in abusive relationships.

"She was leaving him. She was scared to go home," Samantha's niece Yasmin Hooke said.

"She was stabbed 14 times in the stomach. Hit on the head with a hammer, multiple blows - he has hit her before and he is alcoholic."

It is understood Samantha was only found when a passersby yesterday saw Omey's body through a window.

Neighbours have told The Courier-Mail about how Samantha had told Omey of her intentions to divorce him just last week.

But they were perplexed when it appeared Samantha had moved back in with her husband.

"I seen (Omey) about a week ago when he was mowing the lawn. He said they were split up and getting a divorce," a neighbour said.

"He said he signed all of the papers and he went to give her the papers and she tore them up and threw them in the bin, he said.

"But then in the afternoon she'd come back and parked the car (in their driveway). I thought, 'hang on, if you're split up, why are you back here?' It was one of those on-again-off-again (relationships)."

Ms Hooke suggested her aunty might have been too scared to go through with the divorce.

The pair had been renting the property for about 18 months, one neighbour said.

At various times, Ms Mahere's relatives had lived with them.

A female relative of Ms Mahere moved out earlier this year after a falling out with Omey, the neighbour said.

"When (the relative) was living here, she said to me 'if they don't fix this and they don't fix that, I'm moving out'," the neighbour said.

The pair had discussed moving to Omey's native Tanzania just last month and spoke about it with residents in the street.

It is understood passersby noticed Omey's body through the window. They kept walking thinking it might have been a doll, but decided to turn back before calling police.

Police are investigating the incident.