Delicious appetiser, Garuda Business Class
Delicious appetiser, Garuda Business Class Christina Pfeiffer

Brisbane's top food blogger has a delicious Garuda flight

Whenever I board an airplane, I usually look forward to a few undisturbed hours watching movies or reading books.    Beyond using my iPhone to snap a photo of the cabin and spending a bit of time filming the cabin, seat, accessories and food - especially if I'm lucky enough to be in Business Class - I try to do as little work as possible. I view the hours spend on a flight as my "down" time.   

I have often wondered what food bloggers get up to when they fly at the pointy end of the plane.  

So, when I discovered I was travelling to Bali on the same flight as Eat Drink +be Kerry I thought it would be a great idea to document the experience on video.  Well, did I learn a lot about food!   

Kerry is not just any food blogger. She is Brisbane's top food blogger and ranked seventh (out of 100) on the Top Australian Food Social Media Influencer list. 

Dedicated to finding the perfect cupcake, the best brekkie and the ultimate lunch, she has eaten her way around Australia and writes regular food columns and features for Australia's top food publications. Here is our full review, photos and videos of Garuda Business Class