Couple ‘held hostage’ after wedding

A BRITISH couple claim they were held hostage at an Italian wedding venue until they handed over £3500 ($AU6400) to pay for minor damage caused by sparklers.

Rosie and Jack Deverson, 24, say they were locked behind iron gates and held to ransom for four hours over the damage to the plastic marquee.

The damage had been caused when Jack, from Folkstone, Kent, lit some sparklers for the guests at Rose's cousin's wedding near Sorrento in Italy.

But as the small flame got closer to his skin, he panicked and threw them over the balcony, scorching the marquee below.

The couple returned to the venue the next day but said the gates were locked behind them.

Rose told The Daily Star: "They made us sign documents which said we were solely responsible for the damage.

"We were completely intimidated and we would not have been able to leave without paying 4000 euros ($6.4k) there and then."

She said she was forced to take out a loan via her smartphone to pay for the damage before being allowed to leave.

Rosie, an office manager, said she was convinced the pair would not be able to leave the venue when the confrontation unfolded after the August wedding.

The young woman added: "I made the payment on their card machine. I felt terrified. I've now got a loan that will take me two years to pay off."

The couple said the total bill had been estimated to be £8000 ($13,000) - and that they had been warned to expect a bill for the rest of the amount when they returned home.

They have since contacted a solicitor and local police.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished here with permission.