David Lucado and Britney Spears.
David Lucado and Britney Spears. Bang ShowBiz

Britney Spears angered by boyfriend's phone habits

BRITNEY Spears had a row with her boyfriend because he didn't return her call for six hours.

The 'Work B*tch' singer has been dating lawyer David Lucado for eight months but the pair recently had a "tiffy" over his rude phone habits.

During an appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', Britney admitted she is "in love" but the pair do argue, adding: "We had a tiffy, it's his fault of cause, he forgot to call me back for a really long time, like six hours. But we're fine now."

The pop star revealed the pair met at a party after Britney's friends took her by the hand and introduced her to David.

The 32-year-old singer said the attraction was "instant" between the pair of them and they spent the rest of the party together.

When asked if she spent the night with him, she replied: "I didn't spend the night, no, I waited a day [before I saw him again].

"I just love that he's very passionate, he's funny and sexy and I love him."

Talking about her eighth studio album, 'Britney Jean', the singer revealed her family would use her middle name when she was naughty as a child.

She said: "When I was bad I would always be called Britney Jean, it was a term of endearment and I wanted to share that with my fans."

Britney - who has sons Jayden James and Sean Preston with ex-husband Kevin Federline - also admitted the song ''Till It's Gone' is about her split from ex-fiancé Jason Trawick, who she split from in January this year.

She said: "I think it's healthy, if you're ready to share personal things like that with the world, it's therapeutic."