THE streets of Townsville have become a battleground as youths settle scores in public.

Police are warning people they may be charged after footage emerged on social media of men and women fighting.

In the videos crowds of people gather to watch the brutal contests and cheer loudly as the fights take place.

The street fights appear to be pre-planned and show two people face off against each other before unleashing a torrent of punches.

The trend is a growing concern for police.

Townsville police Inspector Roger Whyte said it was a sign of the times that fights were being uploaded to social media.

Two men trade blows in Townsville.
Two men trade blows in Townsville.

"It far and away exceeds what's happened in the past because in the 1980s and 90s the information technology systems did not exist.

"From time to time you're going to get altercations and in the past people wouldn't have known about it.

"Now you're going to get street fights and someone video tapes it on a mobile phone.

"Everyone now owns a phone which has the capability and it's so easy to upload on social media platforms."

Insp. Whyte said if the videos were brought to the attention of police they would investigate.

"If we can identify who they are they could be charged with disorderly conduct and unruly behaviour and other anti-social type offences.

"We have our own intelligence mediums that look at those and if something is brought to the attention of the Queensland Police Service we will investigate."

He advised anyone who witnessed fights to contact police.