Being in a wheelchair is not stopping Tania Sherley, 42, working through her bucket list.
Being in a wheelchair is not stopping Tania Sherley, 42, working through her bucket list. Warren Lynam

Bucket list earns tick of approval

EXTRA on television soap - tick.

Fly to and from a major city in one day - tick.

A guest in the audience of a live television show - tick.

Nambour's Tania Sherley ticked off three things on her bucket list in one extremely eventful week last month.

And no, she is not dying.

The 42-year-old is simply taking charge of a life that has had more than its fair share of setbacks.

Tania was born with spina bifida - a congenital disorder which leads to disability in most sufferers.

She's spent the past 18 years in a wheelchair and has met "one heck of a lot of obstacles" along the way.

This led her to a point where she felt "completely lost with my life".

"I was depressed. I wasn't going to do myself in, but I was lost. I realised something needed something to change," she said.

Her first "answer" was to find a gym prepared to take someone in a wheelchair.

Her second was a chance hearing about "100 things" founder Sebastian Terry on television.

"I wanted that adventure, I felt that was my answer," she said.

So she contacted Terry and began writing down 100 things she wanted to achieve.

One of her first goals was to realise a dream she'd been born with.

"I was born into a motor racing family, but because of my disability I was always on the sidelines. But it was in my heart to do it," she said.

She told Terry of her "V8 dream" and two months later Tania was sitting next to Dick Johnson's son Steve racing in a car at 240kph.

"It was true fulfilment in its purest form," she said. "It changed me to believe I can do anything.

"I set up more things on the bucket list, which I call chasing my dream."

Last month, Tania was flown to Melbourne to be an extra on Neighbours and she also appeared as a studio guest in The Circle, where she had a chance to meet Terry.

She was able to "tick" a fourth item off her list - standing up to give Terry a hug.

"It was my first stand-up hug and I've been floating ever since," Tania said.

She is now inspiring others as she continues to tick off her bucket list.

Her latest dreams include "climbing a mountain" - in her case, the boardwalk at Coolum Beach and "item No. 89, being a model".

This is being realised thanks to Mandy Hargreaves from Finding Your Gorgeous, who has organised a modelling day for March 17.

"That's the power 'the list' has brought me," Tania said.

"To give me the confidence to say, when she offered it to me, 'Bring it on' without hesitation.

"The 'old me' would have been embarrassed, not confident, and might have very well said 'no'."