Buffalo Bills fan throws sex object onto field in game vs Patriots.
Buffalo Bills fan throws sex object onto field in game vs Patriots.

Fan arrested for tossing ‘sex toy onto field’

AN NFL fan has been arrested for allegedly throwing a sex toy onto the field during the Buffalo Bills game against the New England Patriots.

Michael Abdallah has been charged with disorderly conduct after the shock incident during the Monday Night Football clash.

He was tracked down after security identified him using CCTV footage and eyewitness accounts from other supporters in the stands.

The match between the two bitter rivals at the New Era Field, Buffalo, New York, was being shown live on TV around the world.

It is not known whether Abdallah, 34, of Florida, has been released after his arrest earlier today, according to WKBW.com.

The sex toy being thrown was spotted by a number of fans on social media, who were quick to laugh at the incident.



But it wasn't the only one thrown with multiple toys all entering the field of play during the Patriots' 25-6 victory.

The one that landed in the end zone ended with this hilarious moment that captured serious attention on social media.

One fan joked: "More entertaining then most of the things that have happened on the field!"

Another added: "The person who tossed the dildo throws a perfect spiral. The Jets should sign him."

"How did the bills fan sneak it past security? Must have been a rather uncomfortable walk from the parking lot to the stadium," a third user added.



Sadly for Buffalo fans this isn't the first time an incident like this has occurred with the objects being thrown on several occasions.

The first incident came in October of 2016 when the team was once again playing the Patriots, the object thrown was inscribed with quarterback Tom Brady's name.

It happened once more in December of 2017. The latest incident will have staff manning the front gates on high alert when the Patriots and Bills play next time.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.