How to build a planter box.
How to build a planter box. BUNNINGS

Build a timber planter box with love and glue for Mother’s Day

GET crafty this weekend and build mum a planter box. Fill it with her favourite flowers for a gift that keeps giving after Mother's Day.

Step 1: Cut your timber to size


How to build a planter box.
Step 1: Cut your timber to size. BUNNINGS

Pine timber is ideal as it's hard wearing and easy to paint or stain. You can make the planter box any size you like, either a large planter box or one that sits on a windowsill. Measure up your board and cut with a hand saw, making sure the two sides and ends are the same length.

Here's the dimensions we used:

Base 140mm x 450mm

Sides 140mm x 120mm

Front and back top edge 600mm

Bottom edge 50mm

Height 140mm

Step 2: Glue and nail together

Run a bead of glue along the sides of the wood that will be joined together. Do the same along the top edges of the wood that is the base of your planter box. Once the glue has dried, nail the sides and base of the planter box together so that it's secure.

Step 3: Paint your planter box


How to build a planter box.
Step 3: Add a lick of paint. BUNNINGS

Next, lightly sand back the timber to make it easier to paint. You can either paint it in mum's favourite colours or stain the planter box for a natural look. Make sure you use exterior paint or weatherproof stains.

Step 4: Add some decorations

You can add details, like this craft heart, to the front of your planter box. Check out the range in the craft section at your local Bunnings.

Step 5: Line the inside

Make sure you line the planter, so that the timber is protected and it doesn't leak.

Step 6: Add your plants


How to build a planter box.
Step 6: Add mum’s favourite plants. BUNNINGS

Top off your planter box by filling it with potting mix and planting some your Mum's favourite flowers or herbs.

Tools and materials


Hand saw Hammer and Nails Ruler Weed mat Pine board (19mm x 140mm) Glue Lime wash or Paint Craft heart


All tools and materials available from Bunnings Warehouse