Brett Wortman

Builders to hammer through budget detail

BUILDERS are cautiously optimistic about Queensland's capital investment plan, though they want to "trawl through the details" before giving a thumbs up.

Master Builders deputy executive director Paul Bidwell agreed with suggestions one in four or five builders could be looking for more work in regional areas and capital investment could bolster their chances.

"By the look of it, it is a big bucket - over $10 million for 2016-17 - but how much of it is going to translate to building new schools, new hospitals?" he said after a stakeholder briefing on the Queensland Budget.

"But there seems to be some there. So we're pretty comforted by that.

"Townsville got their stadium, which is good for them, but they had to win a grand final to get it so I don't know what Rocky and Mackay are going to do. It remains to be seen."

Mr Bidwell said the increase to the first home buyers' grant was also a great boost for the industry, "particularly home builders in regional Queensland who are doing it very tough".

"It's a fair chunk and we heard from our members across the state, particularly those in the home building sector, are very positive about that," he said.

"It will pull demand through. And that's what's needed.

"Right now, south-east Queensland is doing very well but once you get out of south east Queensland - Mackay, Central Queensland, Townsville - a lot of builders are looking for work and we're hopeful that this will help fix that." - ARM NEWSDESK