Bum poke left teammate wanting more


Georgie Parker's bum poke left her teammate wanting more.

The former Hockeyroo and AFLW player has responded to a furore surrounding a photograph of her grabbing Kathryn Slattery's bottom by providing evidence it was all above board.

The image, taken while the pair were playing for Australia, resurfaced over the weekend in the wake of the Richmond groping scandal which dominated AFL headlines.

Many were quick to draw a comparison with the outrage over Tigers players touching teammate Mabior Chol and the lack of objection to what Parker did.

The 31-year-old, who played at the 2016 Olympics and won Commonwealth gold with Australia in hockey before playing a few games with Collingwood in AFLW, published a comment from Slattery she'd received which said: "Come touch my butt again plz Georgie Parker."

Parker also told ABC Grandstand there was nothing in it. "I did a little bum tap to my teammate after every anthem I got to sing with her … photos can get taken out of context," she said.

She also pointed to earlier comments she'd made about the Chol incidents.

"1. Bum tap very different than any other grope.

"2. Good luck stamping them out.

"3. We had players who hated being touched so would never do this to them - respect always.

"4. An image can often looks 'worse' than an actual incident, worth keeping in mind.

"5. Probably not a great look to touch someone's Aubergine on prime time tv, a lapse in judgment from them.

"6. Calling sexual assault and outrage on someone else's behalf is peak 2020.

"7. Is this really what we are going to crack it over at the moment? Honestly."

A Richmond player is seen groping Mabior Chol during the team song.
A Richmond player is seen groping Mabior Chol during the team song.

Ex-NRL player Brett Kearney came to Parker's defence. "I'm not sure why you're having to defend yourself," the ex-Rabbitohs and Sharks player said.

"Chol appeared to be uncomfortable by the action. If he was having a laugh with his teammates the public would have seen the footage as light hearted fun. If it was seen at all."

The AFL has condemned the actions of its players as "juvenile" and briefed all 18 teams on ensuring "club environments are safe workplaces".


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