JAILED: Dwaine Albert Jacobs will spend three months in jail after he broke into his girlfriend's house and assaulted her.
JAILED: Dwaine Albert Jacobs will spend three months in jail after he broke into his girlfriend's house and assaulted her. contributed

Abusive partner kisses freedom goodbye

A MAN who was jailed for smashing in a door to bash his girlfriend, who was hiding under a pile of clothes, has been jailed for three months.

Dwaine Albert Jacobs, who was supported in court by the aggrieved, spent spare moments during sentencing to blow kisses to his girlfriend over videolink. The aggrieved giggled in response and blew kisses back to Jacobs.

But the actions that put him behind bars were no laughing matter.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Dean Burgess told the Bundaberg Magistrates Court officers were called to two separate disturbances on April 11 and 12.

Sgt Burgess said when officers attended the first altercation at 4.15pm the aggrieved refused to tell officers what had happened.

The police noticed she was trying to cover her face and then saw she had a large bump on her right temple and a small amount of blood on her bottom lip.

The aggrieved told officers that Jacobs had been drinking when he became violent and punched her in the head a number of times.

As the facts were read the aggrieved called out from the gallery. "I didn't tell police none of that," she said.

Sgt Burgess responded to the court stating officers had recorded the statement on a body-worn camera.

The court heard officers saw furniture thrown around and were directed to a bedroom where the defendant jumped around and screamed in an obstructing manner.

On April 12 police were again called, by a third party, however this time to a more serious incident.

"At 7.30pm the victim received a phone call from the mother of the defendant and told her to lock the doors," Sgt Burgess said.

As the aggrieved finished securing the house she heard Jacobs yelling from outside.

"She went and hid under a pile of clothes to hide from him," Sgt Burgess said.

"The defendant picked up a stool at the rear of the house and used it to hit the glass louvres. "He had then grabbed a metal pole and smashed the glass front door. He has then reached through and opened the front door.

"He has then gone inside searching for the aggrieved, knocked over a pedestal fan and flipped a mattress. She has emerged, thinking he had left, and he then began assaulting the aggrieved, punching her a number of times."

Magistrate Ross Woodford said while the events were serious, he had no history of domestic violence.

"There was actual physical assault on both cases," he said.

"If you have a problem with alcohol you have to do something about that. If you come back you'll serve a lengthy period in jail."

Mr Woodford took the 56 days Jacobs had been in custody as time served, gave him a parole release date of July 12 and ordered him to pay $165 restitution for the smashed house items.