'SLEEP WITH ME': Nightmare attack on woman, 68

A QUIET afternoon turned into a frightening experience for a 68-year-old Bundaberg woman when Andrew John Spicer entered her yard.

After asking her for tobacco, Spicer attempted a number of times to get the woman into bed with him "to repay her for giving it to him".

He faced Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Friday via videolink from Maryborough Correctional Centre. He pleaded guilty to common assault, breaching a bail condition, evading a fare and stealing.

The court heard that at 1pm on January 6, Spicer walked past the woman, who was sitting in her carport smoking a cigarette. After she gave him tobacco, he sat down and began talking with her.

Spicer suggested sleeping with her to repay her for giving him tobacco. She declined.

Spicer entered her home and tried to get an airconditioner working.

The woman told him she had to go out and turned to use her phone. Spicer approached her, wrapped his arms around her before moving his hands to her bottom a few times.

While Spicer was in one of the bedrooms, he pulled the woman by the arms to pull her on to the bed but she managed to stop him by telling him 'No'.

She eventually managed to get him out the front of the house. She said he could see she was getting annoyed.

Spicer said he would be back later, with the woman agreeing out of fear.

However, that wasn't Spicer's only crime.

He and a friend caught a taxi to the Sugarland Tavern where they became abusive towards the driver before telling him to pull over. They left without paying the $7.60 fare.

Later in March, Spicer walked out of Woolworths at Stockland with items worth in excess of $400 without paying.

Magistrate Ross Woodford took into account Spicer's guilty plea and history.

He was sentenced to four months' imprisonment with immediate parole and time served after already spending 37 days in custody.

He was fined $400 for evading the fare and ordered to pay $7.60 restitution. He was fined $400 for stealing from Woolworths and breaching bail.