Tom Grady expansion – Tom and Jason Grady. Picture: Shane Zahner
Tom Grady expansion – Tom and Jason Grady. Picture: Shane Zahner

Business booming as Gympie’s Grady bunch expands

VETERAN Gympie businessman Tom Grady has injected a healthy boost into the local economy through big upgrades underway at his Rural Merchandise Store on Tozer St.

Mr Grady announced a 3200 square metre expansion to the family business this week as workers continued developing a previously unused gully with 55,000 tonnes of soil courtesy of Corbet’s Group.

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The long-time rural supplier, who also celebrated 40 years in the property market this year, said the expansions were all about more supplies and more access for their customers.

“We reckoned we’d better make use of the land to try and help our business and basically that’s what we’re doing it for, mainly for better display and parking for customers,” Mr Grady said.

Tom Grady expansion - Picture: Shane Zahner
Tom Grady expansion - Picture: Shane Zahner

“It will give us greater diversity in the product range, and the parking we’ve got now creates a bit of congestion at times.

“Compared with other businesses, even with the way it was, we’re a mile in front, because we had a lot of parking for semi-trailers to unload.

“We can stock a lot more of a range, even with the fencing materials we’ve got a fair range, but we’ve probably only got about 20 per cent of what we really need.

“When people come in and order something we’ve got to order it in, but now we’ll have more and a better range.”

Mr Grady’s son and Rural Merchandise Store manager Jason Grady said early stages of the expansion would be accessible in the coming weeks and would allow the company to stock more fencing materials, water tanks, agricultural products and livestock handling products.

He said the business had also prioritised safety for customers and heavy vehicle operators navigating the space.

Tom Grady expansion - Tom and Jason Grady. Picture: Shane Zahner
Tom Grady expansion - Tom and Jason Grady. Picture: Shane Zahner

“Gympie probably wasn’t being serviced fully with some range of things, so people were going outside of town to get it,” he said.

“With parking at the moment we’ve got trucks, forklifts and cars in a relatively tight space, whereas we’ll be able to allocate parking properly and spread people out.”

The senior Grady added the expansions were the result of business growth over the last four years.

“Our business is growing all the time and we need more room to do what we want to do. Once we expand it will grow more quickly,” he said.