Business hit twice in week

GYMPIE police have stepped up patrols of the Brisbane Rd industrial area after a computer business was broken into for the second time within a week.

PC Plus was the victim of a smash and grab last week when thieves broke into the service and repair store through the front of the building and stole around $10,000 worth of computer and gaming equipment.

This week they broke in through the steel back door and stole four customer's laptops in for repairs.

Owner Daniel Fuller said offenders destroyed the back door to the office.

"There's three locks on the inside, but they literally bent the steel door in half to get in," he said.

"It would've taken a bit of force to do it. Once they got in they then jemmied open a solid timber door to get into the office."

He said thankfully the stolen laptops didn't have any personal data, such as banking details, stored on the hard drives as they were in for repairs and the data was completely wiped and set up like a new machines.

While Mr Fuller's insurance agency suggested his customers arrange their own insurance, the computer technician rejected the decision and will be replacing each laptop with a brand new one.

A customer's external hard drive containing personal data was also stolen and a "useless" Telstra 4G USB dongle was taken.