HUMP DAY: A property that borders the Gympie, North Burnett and South Burnett is up for sale, and includes 73 camels.
HUMP DAY: A property that borders the Gympie, North Burnett and South Burnett is up for sale, and includes 73 camels. Danielle Meyer Rural

Buy this property and get 73 camels for free

A THOUSAND hectares of rich farming land with views of Fraser Island makes for hot property in itself.

But the owners of Wide Bay acreage have piqued global interest after lumping 73 camels into the deal.

And they caught them themselves.

"We were having problems with lantana so I did a lot of research on how we could keep the weeds down and came across camels," owner Joe Mooney Jnr said.

"I had no experience with the animal but we went out and caught them."

Mr Mooney said the camels were an optional bonus in the property deal and a buyer could take some, or none, if they desired.

"We will give the buyer instructions but they're very easy to handle," he said.

"They turned out to be great pets and once they get used to you they'll come looking for pats."

Mundubbera-based realtor Danielle Meyer said she initially thought she was just going to look at a cattle property with views.

"I got quite a shock when I turned up to find 73 camels," she said.

"Looking around I would see a head pop up here and there, they were quite inquisitive.

"And then the owner told me he would like to sell the camels along with the property."

The property is located at Woolooga, 50km north west of Gympie and 200km from Brisbane.

It falls between Gympie and the South Burnett region, and also boasts expansive views.

Above 15 paddocks and rainforest you can see as far as the Glasshouse Mountains, The Three Sisters, Fraser Island, Kilkivan, Goomeri, Biggenden Bluff and Mount Goonaneman.

"I've never seen anything like it," Mrs Meyer said.

Mr Mooney said it was only by chance that his family came across the North Burnett realtor, who has now made a name for herself in selling quirky real estate.

Mrs Meyer's sales have gone viral including an entire town for $500,000 and a block of land for just $1.

"My parents were looking to buy a property at Mount Perry when they came across Danielle, so it came about in a funny sort of way," Mr Mooney said.

"We only found out about her other unique sales when we mentioned this property to her."

Mrs Meyer said the property was ideal for cattle as it's still "quite green", has timber cattle yards, seven dams and is frost free.

She said it also has great potential for tourism opportunities.

Offers are still welcomed and you can contact Danielle Meyer on 0427 654 912.