Alpha promotes conversations about life's bigger questions.
Alpha promotes conversations about life's bigger questions.

Cafe will be the place to ask life's big questions

A NAMBOUR cafe promises to be the place to go if you want to explore the big questions in life.

Switch Espresso Bar and Cafe, in the heart of Nambour, has hosted the Alpha course for the past two years, and is gearing up for a third.

Alpha is held all over the world: in churches, prisons, schools and cafes.

It's a safe place for anyone to come and ask questions, and explore life, faith and meaning.

Recent participants Alek Whitely and Lee Windred recommended the course.

"You can freely speak about whatever you want and you won't get judged by anyone", Lee said.

 "I think its the place to ask any question, especially the hard questions,'' Alek added.

With each session covering a different topic, like 'is there more to life than this' and exploring the nature of suffering, there is sure to be something for anyone who wonders about the deeper issues of life.

But perhaps an added bonus for participants is the opportunity to explore such issues with others, which was the experience of Alek and Lee.

We asked them what they liked about Alpha. "Meeting like minded people who are searching, and making new friends", Alek said.

Lee commented, "I found it was a really comfortable environment. Getting more confident in myself, got me more confident to open up around people."

The course begins on March 2, and will run Monday nights from 7-9pm at Switch Espresso Bar and Cafe in C Square, Nambour.

Anyone interested can follow Nambour Alpha on Facebook and Instagram, and register their interest.

Alpha is also open to those who want to just attend the first session to check it out, and its free of charge. Dessert and hot drinks are provided.