Drug dealer claims: I only wanted money for a holiday
Drug dealer claims: I only wanted money for a holiday

Drug dealer claims: I only wanted money for a holiday

THE first time Kane Anthony Bowen was caught with drugs, he told police he was just trying to raise $5000 for a trip to Bali.

However, that excuse seemed unlikely when he was later busted with more than $27,000 and five pounds of cannabis.

Now the young father's actions have caught up with him as he was jailed for serious drug offending.

Cannabis plant. Picture: (AAP Image/Renae Droop)
Cannabis plant. Picture: (AAP Image/Renae Droop)

At just 20 years old Bowen ran a short but intense trafficking racket in Cairns between March and July 2017.

During that time he used his phone for more than 300 deals or attempted deals to 63 different customers, 12 of whom were regulars.

Pat Nevard, for Crown Prosecutions, said they were mostly street level deals and Bowen admitted to selling to between five to 10 people a day.

"He said he started to raise $5000 to go on a holiday to Bali," Mr Nevard said.

But his offending didn't end there.

"Mr Bowen couldn't stay away from the cannabis scene and he couldn't stay away from the commercial cannabis scene," Mr Nevard said.

In March 2018 police raided his home and found $27,595 in cash as well as a crocodile skull, a small amount of drugs and a bong.

"From someone who told police he was saving $5000 to go to Bali, in my submission it's just inconsistent," Mr Nevard said.

"But it doesn't end there for Mr Bowen."

A man smokes marijuana.
A man smokes marijuana.

About three months later, in June 2018, police were near Bowen's house and spoke with a male who told them he was buying a pound of cannabis from the defendant for about $4000.

At Bowen's house police then found five pounds of cannabis (about 2.2kg) individually packaged in one pound bags and hidden inside a rubbish bin.

Bowen, now 22, pleaded guilty in the Cairns District Court to numerous charges including trafficking, possessing dangerous drugs exceeding 500 grams and keeping a protected animal.

Defence barrister Josh Trevino said Bowen had had a difficult start in life and was forced to raise himself.

"His mother prioritised her drinking over caring for her family," Mr Trevino said.

He was expelled from high school in Year 9 and his father was in an out of custody.

Bowen formed an attachment with others involved in the drug scene.

Judge Dean Morzone QC said Bowen's criminal history "shows… a life out of control" and that it wasn't a surprise he'd turned to commercial drug dealing.

"It was what you knew," Judge Morzone said.

Since then the court heard Bowen, now a young father, had taken steps to turn his life around including maintaining a job, which would be waiting for him on his release from custody.

Bowen was jailed for three years and will be released on parole after 12 months in February next year.