The calm before the storm in Cairns

APN News and Media spoke to a Angie Foong in Cairns a little earlier this evening during the last stages of calm near the sea front at Cairns.

So the storm surge has begun?

A heavier rain has just started, but it's not that unusual for this time of year in Cairns. We're watching channel 7 and 9 and its quite alarming, but what were experiencing at the moment at our vantage point is nothing that unusual, it's just a little wet. We are unable to see any significant storm surge impact, however, a friend who lives a 10minute drive away has lost power, but we are all systems go over here.

How far away from the sea front are you?

The front of our building is the pier, so very close. However, our apartment is around 20 metres above sea level. If you Google Harbourlights Cairns you'll be able to see how close the water is!

Is the wind howling and do you feel safe?

That's the surprising thing, what we're experiencing at the moment from our home is nothing unusual. There are no gale force winds, the lights are still on and commercial television is still being screened. It literally is the calm before the storm!

Are there any signs of major damage?

Nothing at this stage.

Does it look like homes are going under?

Nothing at this stage.

Given the news reports we'll move into the back bathroom soon, and our stash of food, water and lights are already in there.