NEW RANGE: QCamels owner Lauren Brisbane is expanding their range of camel milk products.
NEW RANGE: QCamels owner Lauren Brisbane is expanding their range of camel milk products. Patrick Woods

Camel milk used to 'heal' a range of health issues

A SUNSHINE Coast dairy farmer has found a unique product with remarkable healing properties and is using it to help others.

Lauren Brisbane launched QCamel in 2014 with her husband after carrying out extensive research which found camel milk healed the gut and improved a range of health issues.

Mrs Brisbane said a large majority of their customers were parents of children with autism.

"We found it's really good for children with autism, people with auto immune conditions and we have a lot of cancer patients who are recovering from therapy because it's really high in vitamin C and calcium," she said.

Mrs Brisbane said it had a completely different molecular make up to cow milk and lacked the two dairy allergens that most people were allergic to, which made it most similar to human milk.

The couple, who also had two children with a range of health issues, said camel milk contained antibodies that fought infection and disease when consumed.

"The milk is incredibly healthy and good for your system," Mrs Brisbane said.

"Two thirds of the world's population can drink camel's milk.

"It allows people to tolerate more foods and they don't have the bloating, discomfort or pains associated."

QCamel was the first camel farm in the world with an organic status, which Mrs Brisbane thought was an awesome achievement but said their main focus was on producing quality products for their consumers.

"It's about being able to produce a really good quality product and keeping our customer in mind at all times," she said.

"And also to run a company with a high standard of animal ethics.

"We treat our camels as partners not as a production animal that has to do as its told. For us it's about partnerships and seeing the improvement in the health and the lives of our customers."

The camel dairy also created a unique range of camel dairy products including chocolate, cheese and yoghurt.

Customers can also get up close and personal with the animals to see exactly where their food comes from and how it's made on the QCamel farm tours.

Mrs Brisbane said she was also excited to launch their first cosmetic range next month.

She said the new skincare products were unique and focused on healing the skin through camel milk and natural Australian ingredients.

QCamel will showcase its current products and launch the skincare line amongst leading Australian and international exhibitors at the Naturally Good Expo at Sydney next month.