Candidates have their say on what they want for gun control and licensing.
Candidates have their say on what they want for gun control and licensing. Contributed

Candidates have say on gun control, local government

WITH Gympie to hit the polls on November 25, The Gympie Times asked our candidates to answer 12 questions on the region's pressing issues.

We will be presenting their responses over the next five days.

The answers from Chelle Dobson (ONP), Tracey McWilliam (ALP), Tony Perrett (LNP) and Donna Reardon (IND) are presented below, ordered by their appearance on the ballot to ensure fairness.

No response was received from Greens' candidate Roxanne Kennedy-Perriman.

Q. What is your position on gun control, and more specifically what is your solution to Category H weapons licence holders having to reapply for their licence?

A. CD: One Nation support the current weapons licensing act with amendment improvements to streamline and make it more efficient. We do not accept the current NFA2017. If they are a current holder of a Category H licence they will not lose or have to reapply under a One Nation Firearms Policy.

TM: Australia has some of the best, strongest gun laws in the world. You need only look at the recent tragic massacres in the United States to understand why these laws must be protected. Labor supports John Howard's National Firearms Agreement. The changes we have made to gun laws are consistent with those agreed to by COAG.

TP: As a weapons licence holder, gun owner and primary producer I have always and will continue to fight the demonisation of primary producers and protect the firearms community rights by those who oppose their right to own a firearm. I am committed to ensuring that we have a weapons licensing system that protects the community while respecting the rights of law-abiding firearms users and support practical, evidence-based decision making about gun licensing and classification. Existing Cat H licences for primary producers will be renewed and those who haven't got a renewal will be encouraged to reapply and reissued with the licence providing they are a fit and proper applicant.

DR: Maintain the stringent process in place but at minimal cost and time to the licence holder.

Gympie five ways  town hall
Gympie Town Hall and Council Chambers.

Q. Would you support or push for a review of the Local Government Act and the increased powers invested in mayors and CEOs?

A. CD: Absolutely. I am on public record in support of a review of the Local Government Act 2009. The Local Government Act needs amending to ensure that mayors and CEOs are accountable and transparent to the ratepayers.

TM: Labor fully supports the right of the community to have transparent and accountable local governments. That's why the Palaszczuk Government has strengthened the councillor complaints process. We are introducing a Councillor Complaints Tribunal so that people can have their complaints fairly and independently heard.

TP: Yes I would support a review. mayors' and CEOs' individual powers should not exceed those of other elected representatives which is why I was prepared to call out the council on its aggressive policy to use ratepayers' money to restrict free speech. There can be no greater accountability measure for mayors and councillors than the ballot box. We have seen the Labor Party try to protect the former Ipswich mayor, Paul Pisasale, who is now facing corruption charges after an investigation by the CCC and any allegations of corruption should be taken immediately to the CCC and police.

DR: Yes as it should not be left to the CEOs and mayors to make final decisions, it should be put to the duly elected councillors and mayors.