Wide Bay's federal election candidates lay out their plans to fix the region's internet and mobile dead zones.
Wide Bay's federal election candidates lay out their plans to fix the region's internet and mobile dead zones. Max Pixel

Candidates say how they'll fix Gympie region's bad reception

WHETHER it's regional coverage dead zones or ongoing issues with the NBN, consistent high speed communication connections are well documented in the Gympie region.

Faced with this challenge the Wide Bay's federal election hopefuls have outlined their policies to deliver connectivity to Gympie - we've compiled them here so you can compare their plans.

* The candidates for Fraser Anning's National Conservative Party and One Nation did not respond to the questions Candidates are listed in their ballot sheet order.


Daniel Bryar, GRN

Daniel Bryar, Greens candidate for Wide Bay.
Daniel Bryar, Greens. Contributed

THE NBN is now a basket case thanks to Malcolm Turnbull's mess and the interference from the Liberal Party.

What should have been world class reliable infrastructure is now a costly "upgrade” to what we already had, and only likely to be technologically relevant for another couple of years.

We will make sure it is upgraded, fully funded, publicly owned and affordable and accessible to all.

Mobile blackspot funding should not go to carriers directly, but instead it should build open access towers that all carriers can use to increase their coverage no matter the network.

Jason Scanes, ALP

Jason Scanes (Labor) Wide Bay
Jason Scanes, Labor

WE WANT to look at having fibre to kerb (for the NBN) at a minimum instead of what we have at the moment with fibre to the node - in areas where it is feasible, obviously.

This will provide consumers with a faster, more reliable connection.

So will delivering on the mobile blackspot areas - as I've travelled throughout the electorate there are significant areas throughout the region you can't get reception, there's no signal there.

There's significant improvements that need to be undertaken there.

We'll be ending six years of Coalition chaos with a reasonable plan to improve the NBN and give Australian households a network that's affordable and reliable.

Andrew Schebella, UAP

Andrew Schebella, UAP candidate for Wide Bay.
Andrew Schebella, United Australia Party. Contributed

WHAT should get done is engage people that specialise in that field, find the solution, present it to the constituents of the region, work together and get the job done.

This is not about me telling you what to do. We work together to get the solution.

Llew O'Brien, LNP

Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien.
Llew O'Brien, LNP Contributed

THE Liberal and Nationals Government's affordable NBN roll-out takes pressure off household and business internet bills.

We're now rolling out a multi-technology mix, just like the USA, UK, Germany and France.

Our changes have saved taxpayers around $30 billion, avoided a $43 increase in monthly internet bills, and will connect all Australians at least six years sooner.

The Government has announced tougher consumer safeguards including directing the ACMA to put a stop to the hand-balling of complaints between telcos and NBN and we have boosted the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman's powers to help resolve complaints.

We are also extending the mobile phone network to 17 new locations in Wide Bay, including Glastonbury, Widgee, Woolooga and the Wide Bay Highway, and I'm working to eliminate more mobile phone blackspots across the region.

Tim Jerome, IND

Tim Jerome
Tim Jerome, Independent

I LIVE in Traveston and I can say that a day does not go by when we do not have internet.

Speaking with people in Imbil, Kandanga and Amamoor they are telling me that they are losing internet service for a week or more - this is unacceptable.

When elected I will be addressing this major problem.