Carbon emissions would rise under Coalition plan

THE Coalition will need to spend an extra $35 billion to 2020 to reach Australia's maximum carbon emissions reduction target, new modelling has revealed.

Commissioned by WWF Australia, the RepuTex analysis shows carbon emissions would continue to rise sharply under the Coalition's direct action plan.

WWF Australia national climate change manager Kellie Caught said Australia's international credibility depended on being able to deliver the 25% reduction target by 2020.

"Achieving the 25 % target under direct action would see the government paying more than $100 per tonne of carbon saved, meaning that tens of billions of dollars more funding would be needed in the budget, above and beyond what is required under the 5% target," she said.

"This is more than ten times higher than indicated in the Coalition's current plan, suggesting the 25% target simply could not be met."

The modelling also found about $58 per tonne of emissions would be needed to meet the minimum 5% cut under the Coalition policy.