Tony Abbott... calls for ALP to drop carbon tax
Tony Abbott... calls for ALP to drop carbon tax Vicki Wood

Carbon tax cut will be $550 boost to families, says Abbott

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has called on the ALP to get out of the way of scrapping the carbon tax, saying it will mean an extra $550 a year in the pockets of Australian households.

Mr Abbott, speaking in Melbourne today, said the best Christmas present Opposition leader Bill Shorten could give Australians was to support the introduction of new laws next week to repeal the tax.

The LNP leader said the ALP and the Greens were the only people in Australia who supported the carbon tax remaining.

Mr Abbott said his government also remained committed to cutting $1 billion a year from red tape that was thwarting business and individuals in Australia.

He announced the government had scrapped 20 redundant advisory groups and standing committees, including on overseeing gun laws.

Mr Abbott said the standing committees were no longer relevant as many of the issues they had been set up to oversee had been resolved.

Mr Abbott said the LNP remained committed to a smaller, more efficient government.

The government would be reducing the public sector payroll by 12,000 people.

The new parliament will be formally opened by Governor-General Quentin Bryce on Tuesday.

Mr Abbott will be flanked by 89 coalition colleagues, having reduced Labor to 55 members.

Billionaire Clive Palmer (Fairfax) and Victorian farmer Cathy McGowan (Ind), will be joined on the crossbench by Greens deputy leader Adam Bandt (Melbourne), Bob Katter (Kennedy) and Andrew Wilkie (Denison).

The carbon tax repeal bill is expected to introduced first thing on Wednesday.

The Greens have opposed the bills outright while Labor wants a floating price emissions trading scheme.