Carbon tax unlikely to go before July 2014

THE Federal Government's plans to repeal the carbon tax will almost certainly be delayed until July next year, with two committee inquiries and opposition in the Senate likely to block the bills.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Environment Minister Greg Hunt on Wednesday introduced a series of bills to repeal the tax and related measures.

Mr Abbott said the bill delivered on his promise to scrap the tax, saying the Australian people had "pronounced their judgement" against it.

But in addition to plans from Labor and The Greens to block the tax in the Senate, both parties have moved to slow the progress of the bills through committee inquiries.

Each party has moved to put the bills through parliamentary inquiries, in a bid to capitalise on likely months of delays through the committee process.

While Labor hopes to delay the bills until the new Senate comes in next July, The Greens remain supportive of an immediate vote so they can defeat it before then.

The news came as newly-minted MP Clive Palmer said on Wednesday he would abstain from a vote on the bill, despite his party's opposition of the tax.

The MP, who owes the tax office more than $6 million in carbon taxes, said he would abstain to avoid "a potential conflict of interest".

He said if the issue was not resolved before July next year, new Palmer United Party Senators-elect would deal with it, as they did not have a conflict.