CASH FOR CANE TOADS: Gympie farmers agree with the proposed 10c scheme.
CASH FOR CANE TOADS: Gympie farmers agree with the proposed 10c scheme.

Cash for cane toads: What Gympie farmers think of 10c scheme

A BOUNTY on cane toads, which would reward their capture and delivery to collection points, could go a long way to ridding the Gympie region of the poisonous pests.


Pauline's radical plan to blitz cane toads

One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson called for a three-month collect-a-toad campaign.


Steve Dickson MP and Pauline Hanson MP One Nation election commitments.
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has proposed for a 10c scheme on cane toads. Patrick Woods

Under the federally-funded plan to be run in the Northern Territory, Queensland, NSW, and Western Australia, 10c would be paid for each toad, which would be taken to council collection zones where they would be put it a freezer to be killed.

Kandanga producer, Bruno Gabbana said he saw both sides of the argument but stressed it wouldn't be feasible.


Kandanga producer Bruno Gabbana has mixed feelings about the proposed 10c cane toad bounty.
Kandanga producer Bruno Gabbana agrees with the 10c bounty on cane toads. Philippe Coquerand

"The cane toads should be destroyed because they cause a lot of problems for people with sugar canes and crops," Mr Gabbana said.

"If you don't look after your produce, the cane toads will make a big mess."

Mr Gabbana said the 10c scheme isn't the best option.

"People are doing everything they can to get change, it's like the plastic can rebate system, if you collect it, you'll receive 10c," he said.

"We've got heaps of cane toads here in Gympie, particularly all over Queensland."

The personal struggle for Mr Gabbana is when toads decide to jump all over his vegetable garden, destroying his produce.

"They don't eat the food, but they are capable of squashing everything," he said.


Kandanga producer Bruno Gabbana.
Kandanga producer Bruno Gabbana agrees with the 10c scheme for catching cane toads. Philippe Coquerand

Lime producer Jennie Collette believes the 10c rebate on cane toads is great for the community.

"When we were kids we collected cane toads for science experiments," she said.

"Anything to get rid of a pest is a welcome initiative.

"It depends on how it will work, you just can't have people walking on your property and cleaning up cane toads, how do you regulate where they collect the toads from.

Mrs Collette said she has no problem with people getting paid to clean up cane toads.

"It's not a lot of money to retire on, but it's a start," she said.

"I reckon they should do other pests, not just toads.

"Or complete projects around the town like road side cleaning, something that will benefit the township."

It is estimated there are 200 million cane toads in Australia.