Leisl Pyke-Nott has been accused of of failing to alert the NSW Department of Education of
Leisl Pyke-Nott has been accused of of failing to alert the NSW Department of Education of "corporal punishment" and the alleged lack of supervision of children at a Casino childcare centre that she managed. Lily Laughton-Cook

Casino childcare charged over 'corporal punishment', neglect

A WOMAN accused of failing to report a case of "corporal punishment" and alleged lack of supervision at a Casino childcare centre will face court next month.

The NSW Department of Education has accused Liesl Pyke-Nott, 45, and her childcare company, LPN Childcare Pty Ltd ATF Liesl Pyke-Nott Family Trust, of several offences relating to allegations of harm or hazard committed by an employee between August and November 2017.

LPN Childcare is the proprietor of Rainbow Station Early Education Centre, Casino, and Ms Pyke-Nott was the manager of the centre.

No charges have been laid against the employee, but the department is accusing Ms Pyke-Nott and LPN Childcare of not reporting to the appropriate authorities allegations the employee had issued "corporal punishment" by leaving a hand mark on the back of a child who was in the employee's care on August 2, 2017.

The department has also alleged the employee failed to supervise children properly while on duty on October 24, 2017, and failed to clean up broken perspex in the playground area of the childcare facility in August, 2017.

LPN childcare has been charged with‪ not protecting children from harm or hazard as an approved provider‬, failing to notify of information and educators not meeting qualifications required for an approved provider.

Ms Pyke-Nott, who lives at Hope Island, Queensland, is facing charges of giving false information to a regulatory authority and manager who is liable when body corporate contravenes.

According to court documents, Ms Pyke-Nott and LPN Childcare had a responsibility and due diligence to report these matters to the appropriate regulatory body but failed to do so, even after Ms Pyke-Nott was made aware of the allegations.

The NSW Department of Education will also allege Ms Pyke-Nott provided false and misleading information when interviewed on May 21, 2018, where she had stated the employee had only worked on five days "at random" before June 14, 2017.

But in court documents the department alleges the employee had worked as an educator at the centre from at least February 21, 2017.

LPN Childcare is also accused of failing to ensure the correct qualifications requirement to teach children were being followed when, in August 2017, Ms Pyke-Nott "was educating and caring for children at the centre following the departure from the service of the employee due to illness".

Ms Pyke-Nott did not have any educational or care qualifications, according to court documents.

Casino Local Court heard on Thursday both parties had agreed to the request for an adjournment to allow for statements to be finalised and briefs to served.

Magistrate Annette Sinclair granted the adjournment, with the matter to return to court on August 22.