Cathay Pacific denies 'engine fire' rumours on Perth flight

CATHAY Pacific confirmed a flight from Perth to Hong Kong made an emergency landing in Bali on Friday morning after an issue with one of the plane's engines.

The airline denied reports the engine had exploded mid-air.

Some passengers reported a loud bang and the plane shaking as sparks and flames came from the engine and the cabin lights went out.

Flight CX170 departed Perth on Thursday at 11.55pm and was on its way to Hong Kong when the incident occurred.

There were 251 passengers and crew aboard the flight.

Cathay Pacific said in a statement on Friday the incident occurred after a defect was detected in one of the plane's two engines.

It said the engine was shut down and emergency landing was declared.

"The aircraft landed safely in Denpasar where fire services met the aircraft on arrival," it said.

"There was no fire on board and all passengers and crew are safe and unharmed.

"The passengers are provided with hotel accommodation while we are addressing the issue.

"Safety remains Cathay Pacific's highest priority and the airline is currently investigating the incident."

The Airbus A330 can fly for several hours on one engine.