CCTV: Is this the Coast's worst trailer driver?

THE hunt is on for the driver of a Landcruiser who backed a trailer into a parked car in a Sunshine Coast car park before allegedly driving away.

The vehicle, believed to be an 80 Series Landcruiser, was reversing through the car park at the IGA supermarket at Maud St, Maroochydore on Thursday May 17.

CCTV footage shows the white Landcruiser continuing to reverse, the driver apparently oblivious, as the trailer creeps to the left.

The trailer is almost in jackknife position as it finally crunches into a white vehicle parked outside the supermarket.

After impacting the smaller car's front right side, the Landcruiser driver barely hesitates before driving away and out of the car park.

Emily Janke posted the CCTV footage to social media in an attempt to track down the driver, and said police were also investigating.

Reactions on social media were scathing.

"What an idiot. Did he forget he had a trailer on the back?" Kylie Roberston said.

"What a peanut!" Ben Dengate added.