Census: What to do if you don't know what to do

CENSUS Day today and while many of "us” might think it a chore it's a vital tool for our civic leaders to use when planning what our communities are going to look like and need in the future.

As the website says, "it's your moment to make a difference”.

More than 15 million people are expected to complete the Census online today, but it already seems like not everybody has received their "log-in” letter or paper version of the Census in the mail.

If you haven't, your best course of action would be to call the Census people on 1300 214 531.

James Nash State High staff, students and parents are also volunteering their time and school computers today to help people complete their Census online.

For anyone who does not have access to a computer or would just like some help, this could save you a great deal of stress. If you do need help, visit I Block at James Nash SHS in Myall St, top gate near Shields St, after 3pm today.

There will be laptops available for the public to use between 3.30pm and 6.30pm; but remember to take your Census letter and login details with you.