Centenary year rewarding and exhilarating

Gympie State High School principal Murray Wegner's address to the school's 2012 speech night.

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Gympie High School was founded and continues to operate to this day on the ideal of "opportunity for all". The school has always aimed for excellence, encouraged competition and rewarded achievement, in line with its motto, E Collegio Metallisque Aurum. In 2012 Gympie State High School markets itself to the community as a "blend of tradition and innovation" and this report illustrates our celebration of tradition and embracing innovation.

Our Centenary year has been incredibly busy, extremely rewarding and exhilarating, but not without its low points.  We lost former student Ashley Birt on active service in Afghanistan, a highly respected colleague Marguerite River to illness and the siblings of a number of our current students. We farewelled Mrs Chatman and Mr Hutchinson  to retirement, Mrs Francis, Mr Hosking and Ms Temple.

Our Centenary celebrations showcased all that is positive about public education and Gympie High in particular.  The over- whelming feeling from the week long celebrations was the tremendous pride that students and teachers have had in being part of our school over the past 100 years. 

Along with that pride was the clear message that a Gympie State High School education can take you wherever you would like to go. 

The countless stories of the great successes of past students over the years are proof that the strong foundation that is started at Gympie High can be built upon with hard work to reach any heights. I would like to reiterate my thanks to the students, staff and parents, current and past, who worked tirelessly to deliver our Centenary Celebrations - in particular to Chair and Art Exhibition co-ordinator Dan Stewart, Treasurer Dave Tomkinson, Book Editor Elaine Brown, Concert Co-ordinator Rita O'Neill, Dinner Co-ordinator Spencer Slatter, Saturday Celebrations Marj Leitch and Felicia Long, Souvenirs Shirley Hinton, Honour Board Greg McGuire and Fundraising Anette Bambling.  Our Centenary project, the multi sports arena, was realised through a grant of $303,000 from the Smart Schools Subsidy Scheme, gold, silver and bronze sponsorship packages and a P&C loan.  The untiring efforts of Anette Bambling, David Tomkinson and Business Services Manager Damian White to deliver this project on time must be applauded. 

It is most fitting that in 2012 our Under 15 Futsal team are Queensland champions and will contest the National titles next week. The Hanger name is synonymous with Gympie High and the celebrations saw Mr Thomas Hanger's granddaughters present their mother's gold Dux badge to the school.  Gwendda Hanger topped  Queensland in Senior in 1932.  1942 graduate Lex Ferguson passed away last year and his widow has bequeathed a sum of money to the school that will see two $500 Dr Lex Ferguson Centenary Science  Scholarships presented annually.


2012 has seen the continuation or initiation of a number of innovative practices- The National or Australian curriculum was introduced this year to years 8, 9, 10 in English, Mathematics and Science.  Ms Palm, Mr Hyde and Dr Musk have toiled to implement this curriculum in a manner that fostered successful learning outcomes for students.  For the first time next year, the Year 9 NAPLAN tests will be based on what our students in Queensland have been taught!

A priority this year was to increase the percentage of year 9 students in the top 2 bands on the NAPLAN test.  We achieved this in all areas apart from writing, with our best result being 19.1% of student in spelling and 16.8% in Numeracy, up from 10% in 2011.  Our percentage of students at or above the National minimum score is similar to the National cohort in all areas bar writing.  You will recall that Queensland performed poorly on writing.  Another way of analysing performance is a comparison of the Year 9 data with their Year 7 data in 2010 - the percentage of students who improved was Spelling 71%, Reading 60%, Grammar & Punctuation 56% Numeracy 47% and Writing 44%.

After four days of intensive PD, the English staff embarked on an intensive literacy program in customised Year 8 English classes. Our aim is to have all students reading at or above their own grade level by Year 10.  Over twenty Year 11's assisted Year 8 classes with reading comprehension activities.

81% of our students have improved their reading age throughout the year.

Over half our students improved by 1 or 2 reading years.

A staggering 18% of students improved by between 3 and 5 reading years and 14% of students are now reading at Year 11 and 12 age.

We are well on our way to achieving the goal of having our students reading at or above their grade level reading age by the end of Year 10. 

The program has consisted of a wide range of different reading comprehension strategies that assist students develop strategies for comprehending unfamiliar and complex texts.    

Our literacy program is customised to meet the specific needs of each student and our initial year has been gruelling but extremely rewarding. Congratulations and thank you Ms Palm.

The Interactive Entertainment program which delivers Certificate courses in Game Design and Development
continues to go from strength to strength, with 2012 being the pinnacle of success for students thus far.  This year 27 students are poised to graduate from their chosen course, with 6 receiving their Certificate IV.  Two students from the graduating Yr 12 cohort have been accepted into the prestigious Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Canberra, after attending interviews in August. As well as these vocational courses, 8 of the Year 11 students completed their first subject in the Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds through the Canberra Institute of Technology.  This was a spectacular success. They not only ALL passed, they ALL achieved a High Distinction result. Only 10 High Distinctions were awarded by the University for that subject, and 8 came from Gympie High. Topping the class was Roy Portas with a result of 94%.   

All of these students have continued with their tertiary studies in Semester 2 through the Academy , (as well as their teacher Mr Brady), learning to create the next generation of computer software and interactive entertainment.   Their class has been invited to attend iFest, the Indi-Game festival in Canberra in July next year.  They have already begun work on their entry, because if they place well, San Francisco California for the International Games Festival is their next step to getting a foothold and employment in the rapidly growing industry.

Mr Grudinski's STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths program now extends from Year 8 to Year 12, with the introduction of Engineering Technology as an OP subject. Our Senior Stem Students performed impressively at the State Robocup championships, with Katrina Lo Surdo being awarded State Champion.  Thanks to a $10000 Regional Academic Talent Development grant, Mr Grudinski worked with Primary students and their teachers to prepare students for the Maryborough Technology Challenge, where our own students managed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their division.  Our STEM program is gaining Regional recognition, and attracting visits from regional Schools, just as in the past our Laptop program attracted interest from other schools.

As HOD eLearning, Mr Brady set up and ICT Innovators Fund to expand the use of ICTs in the teaching and learning practices in the school. Through this fund all HPE staff members have gained access to a personal iPad to use with their classes to enhance coaching and feedback for students. The introduction of this technology has been embraced by students and staff alike. From Mr Brown being able to provide immediate feedback to athletes being coached to throw the javelin to Senior Physical Education students using the iPAD's to enhance their swimming stroke or badminton smash, this technology is proving extremely useful in enhancing student outcomes in the practical environment.

Once again the extra curricula commitment of the HPE staff this year has been first class, with every member of the department providing their services outside of school hours to support and develop our students passion for physical activity. Within a society that often is accused of becoming increasingly lazy and obese, these dedicated professionals are always willing to give up their time to provide an amazing range of physical activities for our students.

This year the school was one of forty in the Region to adopt a whole school teaching and learning framework known as the Art and Science of Teaching, or ASOT.  This three year journey will improve the effectiveness of teaching practices through promoting the use of a common language and the sharing and reflecting on professional practice.  Mrs O'Donohue is leading the implementation team and this work is an integral component of our school improvement agenda.

Mrs Wilmore is leading another priority known as Flying Start, that will culminate in the arrival of Year 7 to high school in 2015.  From 2013, year 8 and 9 will be known as Junior Secondary, which will become 7, 8 and 9 in 2015.  A recent peer review revealed that existing priorities such as Mini Schools, our emphasis on student wellbeing through virtues and personal development programs, our positive learning environment, and our student leadership structures were indeed a solid foundation for smoothing the transition in 2015.

The VET pathway continues to expand through the energies of Ms Cameron. Currently there are 72 students  engaged in SATs (School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships) and 58 students attending TAFE. 

Our school was selected as the winner of the AEU Arthur Hamilton Award for 2011 for the Dajali Literacy Mentoring
program, as submitted by Mrs Chatman.  Mr Allan collected the Award in February and has led the team working with our Indigenous students.

The Arts remain popular with "Alice on the Rocks" a joint production between our Drama, Dance, Extension Music and Hospitality classes.  The Hi Artworks exhibition is currently open at the Gallery, while the CMSOE students were amazing at the  Muster. Aidan Patrick along with Caitlyn Shadbolt and Aiming High placed first in their  sections at the Qld Champion of Champions in Brisbane last weekend.

In August, Gympie High hosted the 2012 future Leaders ECO Challenge at the school farm.  Mr Cranna, Mr Johnston and Mr Easton conducted workshops, Ms Keillor catered and the visiting staff and students left envious of our facilities and aware of how what is done on the land impacts on inshore marine eco systems.

Our entry in the National German School Film Festival was awarded third prize.  Well done, students and Frau Weise.

Megan Wesener has been part of the UQ Young Scholars program. Through her initiative the school has  participated in the Operation Christmas Child project, and with the support of Chaplain Joy Mahoney, sent off 130 shoe boxes.  Sophie Price has gained entry to this program for 2013.  Kara Godwin and Shelby Schroder have been selected for Industry placement scholarships provided by the Primary Industry Centre for Science Education at the USC.  Karen Mayfield has received the 2013 Zonta International Young Women in Public Affairs award.

Outstanding individual sporting achievements this year include:

  • Daniel Allen - State Swimming Final
  • Christy Scott - State Tennis Team
  • Dean Bull - National Athletics final for Javelin
  • Tom Redding - National Cross Country place getter
  • James Bierton - Australian Futsal team tour to Brazil
  • Mitch Davis - Australian Futsal team tour to United Kingdom


Initiatives in the area of Facilities include -

An announcement that an SEP precinct in D&E blocks will be refurbished at a cost of $400,000.00. A start date is awaited. 
As this significantly reduces our enrolment capacity, a visit from the Flying Start team has recommended a new building  be provided on lower Tozer Oval to accommodate Year 7s in 2015.

"It is proposed to provide 8 new classrooms, a new flexible learning area, collaborative spaces, project development areas and staff and toilet facilities along with 2 refurbished classrooms."

A Trade Training Centre focusing on Construction and Engineering is to be built at the TAFE site for the local
consortium of schools, ready for 2014. Each school also receives $140,000 to upgrade equipment and Mr Lawson has placed his order.

A $36000 disabled access ramp has been provided to the Multi Sports arena and a $76000 ramp and amenity has been approved for Hamilton Hall.

The State budget "Investment in School Maintenance" will deliver $160,000 to address priorities decided on in
consultation with the P&C.

I have reported on some of the opportunities afforded our students at Gympie High.  A more comprehensive report of this year's events will shortly be published in our School Magazine, which thanks to a $3000 donation from the P&C, and the drive and vision of our Business Co-ordinator, Alicia Radecker and her team, will for the first time be a full colour gloss magazine. 

Our new school website will be launched during November and Mrs Legge deserves recognition for her role in this. 

It will display the good news stories about our wonderful students, like this email I received in May:

We have been staying at the Munna Point Caravan Park for the last 2 weeks where students from your school have been staying.  How proud you must be of these fine young Australians who have shown us that our future is in good hands.  A large number of us senior citizens have found your students to be well spoken, have wonderful manners, their behaviour has been outstanding and at no time have they been noisy or disrespectful.  We have seen them helping a number of people without being asked, always smiling and just a pleasure to be around - well done to your school and the parents and families of these students.

Well done indeed.

I offer my congratulations to those students receiving awards this evening, at the Sports Awards on Thursday afternoon and at the Music Awards this Friday evening.

Thank you.

2012 Gympie State High School awards

Junior Awards

Class of 1949 - 1952 Encouragement Award: Shannon Gilmore & Ashley Martin.

Cultural and Citizenship Award:

Year 8 - Douglas Bach, Zayna Balfour, Laura Dakin, Michael Derbyshire, Zara Dodd, Elena Falkner, Monica Fernie, Katelyn Gilchrist, Jamie-Lee Griffiths, Lacey Hosking, Luis Jacobson, Bronte Lewis, Alex Lobegeier, Karleigh Parke, Georgia Preston, Dylan Riches, Eva Stolberg and Glen Treeby

Year 9: Nicole Carey, Loyd Coleman, Minnie Grady, Tia Hubbard, Isobelle Impey, Nathaniel Inskip, Taylor Jackson, Celeste Jeffers, Luke Lidbetter, Joshua Lima, Chaise Mallet, Sam McCann, Branson Mitchell, Sarah O'Brien, Kiera Palmer, Jake Reid, Kaihla Roach, Jake Shadbolt, Georgia Sherred, Erana Tapper, Tinika Tedge-West & Zielle Thomas

Year 10: Charlee Bowyer, Micah Carswell, Shannon Dennien, Shannon Gilmore, Bradley Heading, Megan Honeywill, Jay Kovacs, Ashley Martin, Olivia Nolan, Jesse O'Sullivan, Emily Sawrey, Nicola Simpson, Joshua Truda and Grace Tucker.

Dr Lex Ferguson Centenary Science Scholarship Year 10: Laura Harding Year 10.

J Smith & Sons - Excellence in Junior Industrial Technology and Design: Hayden Moessinger.

Junior Award for Academic Excellence in Japanese: Emily Sawrey.

Junior LOTE Encouragement Award German: Kelly Goatham.

Junior Special Encouragement Award: Joshua Truda and Kelly Gillieatt.

McDonalds Junior All Rounder: Sarah O'Brien.

Pearce Medal for Excellence in Maths and Science in the Junior School: Emily Sawrey and Kelly Goatham.
USQ Junior Community Award: Emily Sawrey.


Senior Awards

Apex Dux of School: Harmony Douwes.

Apex Year 12 Best Other Gender Academic Award: John Duggan.

Australian Defence Force Leadership and Teamwork Award: Nicola Simpson, Heidi Torrens and Mikaela Calvert.

Baldwin Cartwright Excellence in Legal Studies and Business Education: Aleisha Lambert.

Busy at Work School-based Apprenticeship of the Year: Kurt Rowlands.

Caltex All Rounder Award Year 11: Hannah Geri.

Class of 1950 - 1951 Top Citizenship Award: Mikaela Calvert.

Cornett-IGA Work Experience Student of the Year: Dale McVicar.


Gympie Gold 2012 Cultural and Citizenship Award:

Year 11 - Sophie Cherry, Leticia Cumner, Casey Dodd, Hannah Geri, Stephanie Grima Tim Jenner, Damian Kovacs, Louise Lindsley-McCubbin, Shauna McPake, Katrina Lo Surdo, Aidan Patrick, Sophie Price, Kelly Raines, Codi Ringland, Emma Sander, Christy Scott, Shelby Schroder, Elwood Smith-Cripps, Taylor Soanes-Barben, Joei Sorrensen-Murfitt, Lana Standen, Craig Stolberg, Samantha Sutton, Thomas Tombs, Chloe Tones, Dana Toon, Heidi Torrens, Rebecca Wade, Jack Wilcox, Savannah Woolley, Sophie Wright and Ashlee Young.

Year 12: Kate Ballard, Rachael Brown, Sarah Brook, Mikaela Calvert, Tom Caniffe, Kirra Cairns, Annika Coyne, Harmony Douwes, Kara Godwin, Tracey Magyar, Josh Martin, Karen Mayfield, Kyle Salisbury, Caitlyn Shadbolt, Grace Sleeman, Leo Tompkins, Luke Tramacchi, Celine Watson, Meagan Wesener, Jake Whittaker and Lepeka Tu'Akoi.

Dr Lex Ferguson Centenary Science Scholarship: Roy Portas Year 11.

Fell and Read Families' Prize for Excellence in Performing Arts: Karen Mayfield.

George Hooyer Memorial Prize Award: Aidan Patrick.

Gold Town Driving School Agriculture Service Award: Dale McVicar.

Gympie High Drama Award: Karen Mayfield.

Jesse Witham Bursaries - Year 11 Best Academic Award: Christopher Doel and Sophie Price.

Phoenix Hotel Excellence in Hospitality: Letitia Neumann and Sarah Brook.

Pierre de Coubertin Award: Tanika McClintock.

Rotary All Rounder Award: Tom Canniffe and Grace Sleeman.

Senior Award for Academic Excellence in German: Leslie Gugger.

Senior Award for Academic Excellence in Japanese: Celine Watson.

Senior Special Encouragement Award: Jai Thompson-Roach.

Sven Condon Memorial Prize for Excellence in English and Humanities: Tom Canniffe.

TB Hamilton Memorial Prize for Excellence in Industrial Technology and Design - Engineering: Iszac Neville.

The Leslie Family Memorial Award: Tracey Magyar.

Toshiba School Based Trainee of the Year: Josie Waugh.

Walker and Johannesen Award for Excellence in Science and Maths: Harmony Douwes.


Academic Excellence Awards:

Year 10 - Matthew Bouveng (Certificate II in Creative Industries).

Year 11: Luke Barlow (Geography); Leon Bath (Prevocational Mathematics & Recreational Studies); Luke Burdoe (Physical Education); Ethan Carter (Certificate II in Agriculture); Jeremy Cent (Economics, Music & Certificate III in Music); Christopher Doel (Physics & Mathematics B); Ryan Grady (Accounting, Business Communication and Technologies, Mathematics A & Marine Studies); Caitlin Henderson-Dick (Certificate II in Hospitality); Abbey Hosking (Home Economics & Dance); Maya Janke (Film, Television and New Media & Visual Art); Troy Kubler (Certificate I in Engineering & Marine and Aquatic Practices); Jaxom Lewis (Industrial Technology Studies); Louise Lindsley-McCubbin (Legal Studies); Ryan Lonergan (Mathematics C & Engineering Technology); Reid Marshall (Chemistry); Tayla-Kay Morgillo (Visual Art Studies); Jared Parke (Certificate II in Horticulture); Roy Portas (Certificate III in Multimedia); Sophie Price (Ancient History, German, English & Modern History); Kelly Raines (Business Communication and Technologies); Grace Reeves (Hospitality Studies); Shelby Schroder (Agricultural Science); Moana Tapper (Certificate in Business); Jordan Thefs (Industrial Technology Studies); Jai Thompson-Roach (English Communication); Cate Walker (Hospitality Studies); Kade Wilson (Graphics); Sophie Wright (Japanese); Amanda Young (Biology); Ashlee Young (Drama).

Year 12 : Sam Brough (Certificate II in Horticulture & Certificate II in Workplace Practises); Rachael Brown (Hospitality Studies); Jessie Coleman (Prevocational Mathematics); Charles Cox (Certificate I in Engineering); Annika Coyne (English Extension); Nathan Cross (Physical Education); Harmony Douwes (Chemistry, Visual Art, English, Mathematics B, Mathematics C & Biology); John Duggan (Biology & Physics); Jack Findlay (Graphics); Jake Fitzgerald (English Communication); Maddy Fitzgerald (Dance); Leslie Gugger (German); Tayla Hanlon (Ancient History); Anton Kurtz (Certificate IV in Multimedia); Kieran Lancini (Industrial Technology Studies); Daniel Lima (Certificate I in Furnishing); Tracey Magyar (Marine Studies & Geography); Josh Martin (Legal Studies & Modern History); Karen Mayfield (Business Communication and Technologies, Drama, Music & Music Extension); Kaya Mayne (Certificate II in Agriculture); Brooke O'Connell (Home Economics); Sarah Pearson (Hospitality Studies); Josh Richardt (Certificate in Business); Kurt Rowlands (Recreation Studies); Caitlyn Shadbolt (Certificate III in Music); Jaala Simonsen (Visual Art Studies); Grace Sleeman (Agricultural Science); Paul Smith (Marine Aquatic Practices); Stacey Troy (Hospitality); Shaun Ward (Accounting & Economics); Celine Watson (Biology & Japanese); Jake Whittaker (Mathematics A).

2013 Senior Executive: Captains Kurtis Brennan and Sophie Price; vice-captains Tyler Brook, Katrina Lo Surdo, Christy Scott and Dana Toon.


Year 8 Academic / Cultural / Citizenship and Sports Awards

Cultural and Citizenship Awards

Doug Bach, Zayna Balfour, Laura Dakin, Michael Derbyshire, Zara Dodd, Elena Falkner, Monica Fernie, Katelyn Gilchrist, Jamie-Lee Griffiths, Lacey Hosking, Luis Jacobson, Bronte Lewis, Alex Lobegeier, Karleigh Parke,
Georgia Preston, Dylan Richie, Eva Stolberg, Glen Treeby

Platinum Awards
Zara Dodd, Alex Lobegeier, Karleigh Parke

Gold Awards
Danyon Goatham, Jamie-Lee Griffiths, Shanika Mallett, Renae Portas

Silver Awards
Zayna Balfour, Brianna Bath, Britney Dumschat, Katelyn Gilchrist, Andrew Grinffin, Georgia Preston, Cody Smith-Cripps, Kara Turner, Nicole Whittaker

Bronze Awards
Keeley Angel, Madison Carter, Jesse Cherry, Michael Deryshire, Caitlin Eitmann, Joshua Elliott, Elena Falkner,
Lexi Fallis, Olivia Fitzgerald, Logan Flack, Nelson Hands, Simone Hanlon, Hayden Heilbronn, Lacey Hosking, Courtney Jerram, Kristine Knight, Riley Lourigan, Tabitha Lynch, Callum McClay, Mason McGlone, Skie Middlebrook, Matt Moessinger, Taylah Mooney, Melinda Mufitt, Sharvella Nord, Jamine Phillps, Renee Preusker, Sarah Robinson, Dylan Rough, Melanie Stedman, Maddy Taylor, Glen Treeby, Georgia Walters, Georganna Williamson, Chloe Wilson


Year 9 Academic / Cultural / Citizenship and Sports Awards

Cultural and Citizenship Awards
Nicole Carey, Loyd Coleman , Minnie Grady , Tia Hubbard, Isobelle Impey, Nathaniel Inskip, Taylor Jackson,
Celeste Jeffers, Luke Lidbetter, Joshua Lima, Chase Mallet, Sam McCann, Bronson Mitchell, Zielle Thomas, Kiera Palmer, Jake Reid, Kaihla Roach, Jake Shadbolt, Georgia Sherred, Erana Tapper, Tinka Tedge-West, Sara O'Brien

Gold Awards
Hannah Byrne, Elurie Doss, Adam Lobegeier, Tristan McFarlane, Abby Raines, Jake Reid, Zielle  Tomas, Alysha Welman, Kaitlin Shields

Silver Awards
Ashley Greaves, Benjamin Martin, Matthew Falzon, Jack Gilmore, Jocelyn Henning, Cheyne Lee, Priya McCahon, Sam McCann, Marco Stepnani, Deivid Yakoub

Bronze Awards
Haley Barr, Tyler Barrington-Rowe, Jay Bulter, Emily Cumner, Minnie Grady, Bethany Nelson, Royce Beauchamp, Shontelle Gleeson, Ned Gunn, Georgia Means, Peter Miller, Jacob Nairn, Alex Toon, Tate Walker, Tarni Palmer, Korran Pearce, Tiffany Simpson, Candice Whitley 


Year 10 Academic / Cultural / Citizenship and Sports Awards

Cultural and Citizenship Awards

Micah Carswell, Shannon Dennien, Kelly Gilleat, Shannon Gilmore, Bradly Heading, Megan Honeywill, Jay Kovacs, Ashley Martin, Dale McVicar, Olivia Nolan, Jesse O'Sullivan, Emily Sawrey, Nicola Simpson, Jos Truda, Grace Tucker

Platinum Awards
Shannon Gilmore, Kelly Goatham, Emily Sawrey, Nicola Simpson, Grace Tucker

Gold Awards
Kye Allen, Maggie Glover, Laura Harding, Geo Buse, Hayden Moessinger

Silver Awards
Morgan Ahern, Billy Bayldon, Samantha Beauchamp, Billy Bennett, Lauren Bentley, Jordan Blake, Ethan Boreham, Cheyenne Bright, Shannon Dennien, Annie Glover, Maddie Jeffery, Connor Jocumsen, Taylah Jonhston, Braeden Long, Jack Milham, Nathaniel Rayner, Charnce Thomas-Read, Amanda Treeby, Chole Vidler, Madison Vieritz-Law, Grace Webb

Bronze Awards
Charlee Bowyer, Lachlan Cummings, Yvette Dawson, Emily Day, Lisa Dimmock, Jessica Elliott, Roslyn Grady, Meaghan Hatherell, Amy Hewitt, Megan Honeywill, Kaitie Kenning, Lowana King, Sarah Lennard, Tom Martin, Hayley Matherson, Rachel McFarlane, Tyler Nicholls, Brad Nissen, Mika Peacock, Matthew Smith, Kyrah Tuton, Owen Williams, Kayla Wilson


Year 11 Academic / Cultural / Citizenship and Sports Awards

Cultural and Citizenship Awards
Shopie Cherry, Leticia Cumner, Casey Dodd, Hannah Geri, Stephanie Grima, Tim Jenner, Damian Kovacs, Louise Lindsley-McCubbin, Katrina Lo Surdo, Shauna McPake, Aidan Patrick, Sophie Price, Kelly Raines, Codi Ringland, Emma Sander, Shelby Schroder, Christy Scott, Elwood Simth-Cripps, Taylor Soanes-Barben, Joel Sorrensen-Murfit, Lana Standen, Craig Stolberg, Samantha Sutton, Tom Tombs, Chole Tones, Dana Toon, Heidi Torrens, Rebecca Wade, Jack Wilcox, Savannah Woolley, Sophie Wright, Ashlee Young

Platinum Awards
Chirtopher Dole, Ryan Lonergan

Gold Awards
Nick Grady, Troy Kubler, Katrina Lo Surdo, Roy Portas, Sophie Price, Kelly Raines, Cate Walker, Amanda Young.

Silver Awards
Jamie Austin, Tahnee Barrington-Rowe, Leon Bath, Luke Burdoe, Ryan Grady, David Gresham, Suzi Hammersley-Heenan, Brittany Laycock, Dominic Luck, Reid Marshall, Stuart McIntosh, Chantel Meehan, Maddie Steele,
Samantha Sutton, Dana toon, Rebecca Wade, Ashlee Young

Bronze Awards
Luke Barlow, Kurtis Brennan, Ethan Carter, Chole Tones, Mitchell Cooper, Lane Davis, Jessica Dodt, Steve Engilsh, Jordon Gleeson, Dan Head, Abbey Hosking, Louise Lindsley-McCubbin, Dominick Messer, Jared Parke, Grace Reeves, Shelby Schroder, Jayden Snell, Holly Sorrensen, Heidi Torrens, James Walker, Janaya Weber, Sophie Wright.


Year 12 Academic / Cultural / Citizenship and Sports Awards

Cultural and Citizenship Awards
Kate Ballard, Sarah Brook, Rachel Brown, Kirra Cairns, Mikaela Calvert, Tom Canniffe, Annika Coyne, Harmony Douwes, Kara Godwin, Tracey Magyar, Josh Martin, Karen Mayfield, Kyle Salisbury, Caitlyn Shadbolt, Grace Sleeman, Leo Tompkins, Luke Tramacchi, Lejeca Tuakoi, Celine Watson, Meagan Wesener, Jake Whittaker

Platinum Awards
Harmony Douwes

Gold Awards
Tom Canniffe, Maddy Fitzgerald, Kara Godwin, Karen Mayfield, Celine Watson.

Silver Awards
Vendela Apro-Wellman, Rachel Brown, Annika Coyne, Michael Cross, Nathan Cross, Leslie Gugger, Katlyn Lyttle, Josh Martin, Brooke O'Connell, Caitlyn Shadbolt, Grace Sleeman, Darcy Cabassi, Shaun Ward, Meagan Wesener, Jake Whittaker, Jessie Coleman, Letitia Neumann, Jaala Simonsen, Paul Smith

Bronze Awards
Shay Bartholomew, Sam Bell, Matt Bentely, James Bierton, Sarah Brook, Kirra Cairns, Mikaela Calvert, John Duggan, Abbey Ernst, Jack Findlay, Tom Lade, Tracey Magyar, Tanika McClintock, Leo Tompkins, Josie Waugh