Charlie Sheen's funeral fears

CHARLIE Sheen was worried no one would show up to his funeral.

The 'Anger Management' star - who has five children from his previous relationships - has admitted that a cancer scare left him "terrified".  

He said: "As soon as I was told I may have the Big C my mind flashed forward.  

"First, I pictured a scene where my kids were around my hospital bedside as I lay there dying. That kind of spooks the hell out of you, emotionally.  

"I didn't think about what treatment I might have or what pain I might be in or anything like that. I took it right to the end in my mind and wondered who would be at my funeral, mourning my passing.  

"The whole thing was absolutely terrifying."  

The 49-year-old actor admitted it was a "wake-up call" after he was diagnosed with what doctors believed was a pre-cancerous growth in his throat.  

However, a second doctor's opinion later revealed it was just a case of acid reflux - a diagnosis that filled him with relief.  

He told the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper: "My girlfriend at that time was with me and we both fell into each other's arms crying.  

"I'm going to be more diligent about getting regular check-ups. This was a wake-up call and I'm not ready yet for the big, dramatic ending I imagined."