Tanya Grant with daughter Cobey Grant.
Tanya Grant with daughter Cobey Grant. Tanya Easterby

Gympie mum and daughter to study at uni together

NOT many life experiences for family members follow the same path at the same time, but for Gympie mum Tanya Grant, her time at Queensland University of Technology has become a special experience.

That's because she will be joined by her daughter and 2013 St Patrick's College graduate Cobey.

The pair, who have relocated the family-of-four to Brisbane, will begin their degrees at university this year and will have more in common than just a surname and similar features.

Both women have a desire to help others, which has led them to undertake studies in health.

It means they are not only setting out studying at the same university but will also finish by working in the same hospital.

Tanya is studying radiation therapy while her daughter will be taking on a pharmacy degree.

But the link to family doesn't stop there.

Grandparents and cousins have been the inspiration for the pair's aspirations.

Tanya, who has had a varied career in the health industry including working as dental nurse, will hit the books again after watching her father fight cancer. His journey has been the catalyst for her to take up the radiation therapy degree.

She said she realised studying radiation therapy made it "possible for me to help people with cancer".

Her mum's goodwill rubbed off on Cobey, who said she had always looked for ways she could help others through a career.

Her plan was to do the pharmacy degree now and, after working "in the field" for a time, head back to university at a later date to study medicine.