ENJOYMENT: Tahlia Franke with Poppy Kettewel (right) who was first in the junior 120km endurance event at Stirling Crossing.
ENJOYMENT: Tahlia Franke with Poppy Kettewel (right) who was first in the junior 120km endurance event at Stirling Crossing. SARAH SULLIVAN PHOTOGRAPHY

Check out the winners from weekend's endurance ride

Horse riding: More than 150 riders from all over the country competed in endurance rides at Stirling Crossing at the weekend but it was was local rider Akhmed Pshunov who took the title in both the 120km ride on Saturday and coming in ahead of Kenilworth's Brook Sample in a gallop finish in the 80km ride on Sunday.

"Endurance riding is a family sport and the atmosphere this weekend reflected this with groups from all over Australia enjoying the beautiful forestry tracks in Imbil and spending time together doing what they love,” Stirling Crossing Equestrian Complex owner Matthew Sample said.

Saturday, 25 August 2018



1st Essy Mountford Longrun Lightening Sippy Downs

2nd Emma Dimech Al-marah Red Cardinal O'Connell, NSW (Oaky, Q)

3rd Tahnaya Mercieca Oso Evita O'Connell, NSW


1st Akhmed Pshunov Abbeywood Imbil

2nd Kaylea Maher Awarran Park Starlite Shayde Imbil

3rd Stephen Gray Sir Avatar Rochdale

AREA 160km


1st Georgie Barber Concerto Dayboro

2nd Tahlea Lochtenberg Quiegly Imbil

3rd Charlotte Williamson Follydown Gai Emerald Hodgson Vale


1st Emma Shone Magic Glen Torbreck Belli Park

2nd Adrian Brickley Cameo Crimzon Moon Cedar Creek

3rd Pandora Bevan Splendacrest Zafire Toowoomba


1st Virginia Barber Warregal Dayboro

2nd Vanessa Gorecki Cedar Ridge Leeroy Brown Upper Brookfield

3rd Kathy Drew La Battist Oliver Twist Tarome


1st Gavin Bartlett Matta Mia Dimari

Lander Shoot

AERA 120km


1st Poppy Kettlewell Oso Nicholas Table Top, NSW

2nd Molly Choyce Abberlyn Park Astanna Ramsay



1st Tahlia Franke Oso Lee Table Top, NSW

2nd Xanthe Webb Keiko Kashmir Saoohire Boorabee Park, NSW

3rd Michelle Chapman Cameo Felspar Kilkivan


1st Cora Becker Count Shaunessy Upper Freestone

2nd Wade Burgess Cameo Kingfisher Tara



1st Ricky Peterson Cairo's Crystal


2nd Shimpei Miyamoto Aloha Blue Opal Osaka, Japan

3rd Jago Blonde Dream Raider Purga

Sunday, 26 August 2018



1st Louis Ryan Sterling's Safari Pullenvale

2nd Alison Noble Awarran Park Royal Rose Waramanga, Vic

3rd Essy Mountford Awarran Park Rose Majesty Sippy Downs


1st Akhmed Pshunov Glenewan Whisper Imbil

2nd Brook Sample Magic Glen Glamour Girl Kennilworth

3rd Tayla Hadzi OSO Ellazandra Culcairn



1st Zac Sample Gheerulla Hook Kenilworth

2nd Elexis Webb Beadacious Te Boorabee Park

3rd Benjamin Hoey Gheerulla Damascus Ramsay


1st Janelle Taylor Glenewan Scout Imbil

2nd Sabrina Stephens Cameo Gryffindor Beaudesert

3rd Leigh Ann Sample Brookleigh Montana Kenilworth


1st Fiona Fenech Aqaba Bronson Kilkivan

2nd Angela Beverly Buck Yandina

3rd Jessica Dakin Hirstglen Cruisader Boonara


1st Troy Butler Revere Shalee Buccan

2nd Olaf Lochtenberg Henley Farm Rasikh Imbil

3rd Gary Surch Gabri-El El Malek Carbrook