A chef has been jailed after he turned to drug trafficking to support his ice addiction.
A chef has been jailed after he turned to drug trafficking to support his ice addiction.

Chef turned to ice to cope with ‘stress of job’

A NOOSA chef turned drug trafficker used ice as a way to "get by" in the stressful industry, a court has been told.

Albert Lesley Francise Lindsay, 28, faced Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday after pleading guilty to trafficking ice and marijuana over five months around the Sunshine Coast area.

Police discovered Lindsay's trafficking after an investigation into another man revealed Facebook messages between the pair last year.

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When they raided Lindsay's Cootharaba property they discovered drugs, three phones and clip-seal bags, the court was told.

Lindsay admitted he had been selling drugs and an analysis of his phone corroborated his story.

Defence barrister Sarah Cartledge told the court Lindsay had worked as a qualified chef at a Noosa restaurant before turning to ice as a coping mechanism in the stressful industry.

"Unfortunately as it's not uncommon in that industry, the required hours of stress meant he was introduced to methylamphetamine use," Ms Cartledge said.

"He started using it more and more to get through working long shifts in the industry.

"Unfortunately Mr Lindsay went down the path of becoming quite quickly addicted to the substance and his addiction ultimately resulted in his termination from his employment."

The court was told Lindsay then worked as a deckhand in his family's fishing business before tragedy struck more than once.

In June last year, the family's fishing business was burnt down in a "revenge attack" over drugs and one month later his sister-in-law died suddenly from an allergic reaction to penicillin.

A huge blow came to the family when Lindsay's three-year-old niece Elanore Lindsay died from drowning in a backyard dam on his family's property.

In October, Lindsay's father died.

Justice Elizabeth Wilson gave Lindsay full credit for his plea of guilty and noted that he made no profit from the trafficking and was only a street-level dealer who had sold to friends.

Lindsay was sentenced to three years' jail.

He will be released on parole in nine months. - NewsRegional