Tywin Donald suffered severe burns.
Tywin Donald suffered severe burns. Carol McManus

Child flown to Brisbane hospital when fun day trip goes bad

A ROCKHAMPTON child is being treated for severe burns to his feet after stepping on a campfire carelessly left behind at Hedlow Creek on Saturday.

Tywin Donald is just three-years-old and immediately after arriving at the popular waterhole at about 1pm, he jumped out of the car and ran excitedly towards the water, straight over the top of a campfire covered in dirt.

What started as a fun day with his family ended in an emergency flight to the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane where he remains in a stable condition.

It's the second time these school holidays a Queensland child has been transferred to the Lady Cilento for the same reason after another boy stood on a fire on a Sunshine Coast beach.

Tywin's father, Keanu Donald isn't looking to lay blame but says the horrific experience his family has suffered could have been easily avoided.

He said Tywin was hysterical, shreaking and crying when his feet burned.

"I kicked the dirt away and realised it was a fire," Mr Donald said.

"It was right on the water's edge so it wouldn't have been hard to fill a bucket and put it out, but it looked like they'd just kicked dirt and sand over it and left it."

The family washed Tywin's feet and set off on the 25 minute drive to the closest hospital at Yeppoon with his six-year-old sister in shock and trying to comfort her brother and his devastated mother unable to believe what had just happened.


3yo Tywin Donald with his sister, Asha 6
3yo Tywin Donald with his sister, Asha 6

"I don't know how to explain it," Mr Donald said.

"His mother was hysterical, she was so upset, Tywin was shreaking and crying constantly.

"It wasn't good."

Staff at Yeppoon Hospital put him into an iced bath, gave him pain relief and dressed his burns "in something that looked like cling wrap".

He was transferred by ambulance to Rockhampton Hospital where he spent the night before being flown to Brisbane by the Royal Flying Doctor Service at 9am yesterday morning along with his mother.

As Mr Donald waited for news of his son, he thanked the staff at Rockhampton and Yeppoon Hospitals and urged people to take care and think of others.

"A fire can stay hot for five days, and there's not even meant to be fires at Hedlow," he said.