The defendant threatened to kill his ex-wife.
The defendant threatened to kill his ex-wife.

Children protect mother after man threatened to kill her

THE children of a local woman were forced to create a human barricade around their mother to block their father from harming her after he shook her, pushed her, and threatened to kill her.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana told Dalby Magistrates Court a Domestic Violence Order had been placed against the defendant in September last year.

Two requirements on the DVO were that the defendant had to show "good behaviour" towards the complainant and their children.

At 11.30pm on January 7, Dalby police were called to a domestic violence incident at a local sporting club for a code two with lights and sirens.

Police arrived to find a woman and four children looking very distressed, and transported the female and the eldest child to the station for an interview.

Police were told at 7.30pm on the offence date the children were staying with their father when the eldest child texted her mother asking if she could be picked up from the house.

She told her mother her father was angry and was accusing her of stealing his alcohol.

The defendant told police he saw his daughter leave the house and meet up with an individual at the end of their street. He followed his daughter to find that she had met up with her mother.

The court heard the defendant called out to the victim and said "what are you doing in my side of town" before the mother proceeded to call Triple-0.

The court heard the defendant then spat in the face of the victim, grabbed her wrist and began shaking her.

He pushed the victim to the ground and threatened to kill her and her brother.

The mother and her children then began to walk towards the sports club where there was more light.

The defendant followed after returning to the house shortly, telling police he only followed the family to say goodbye to the children.

As the defendant moved towards the victim again, the court heard the children stood in front of their mother to block the defendant from her.

At 1.30am on January 8, police attended the address of the defendant where he refused to go back to the station and was subsequently arrested.

He told police he had been drinking and had a verbal disagreement with his eldest.

The defendant said to police "she's trying to cause drama … she's over at my neck of the woods" referring to his ex-partner.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop urged the defendant to stay away from the victim for the children's sake.

"Regardless of how toxic your relationships is with the victim … the reality is you're parents to these kids," she said.

"You have to love your children and the best way to love your children is to back off from any toxicity with the mother."

The defendant pleaded guilty to one count of common assault as a domestic violence offence and one count of contravening a domestic violence order.

He was fined $600, and a conviction was not recorded.